Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Villa 0 - 1 Liverpool

Phew, THAT was a relief. The table kept turning every point of the game. But I thought we dominated most of the time. Maybe a few mistakes by the ref against Villa but hey, if they want to blame the decisions, didn't we suppose to get a penalty in the first half of the game?

Torres could hardly see the ball throughout the game, but a chance was all he needed. Excellent trademark finish by Torres makes him a legendary striker in Liverpool in only two seasons and a half. But anyway, that 3 points over Villa was really really crucial.

Next is Spurs. It gets tougher, huh?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Liverpool 2 - 0 Wolves

Woohoo 3 points in the bag!

There's so much to talk about this match. By the way, it is the first time that I read Rafa's mind about the formation hehe. I was pretty confidence about the formation we were setting in. Well, in the first ten minutes we were dominating and I felt that this is going to last only in the first half. But the misery came sooner. After ten minutes, the players lost focus. We're lacking pace and kept losing the possession too many times.

Rafa was right at the beginning. Players lacked confidence. It wasn't a tactical error, it wasn't the referee. It was the players' mentalities that have been lacking through and through. I've been looking for that word that best describes the situation and until the commentator said it, now I know. It's FRAGILE. We're fragile. We may have started strongly and dominated at first but when something goes against us, we fall apart.

That's what I've been upset about. If us fans are putting so much faith and believe on the team, why can't the players? Isn't Gerrard supposed to be the inspiring captain that lifts up the team? While Torres loses his coolness every time he gets blocked or when the decision goes against him and all other players often lose focus and just go for the ball without thinking of what might work. That's how we're narrowing down the chances.

I've never been so emotional about the way it was until I saw fans in stadium started leaving before it was even half time. It is just heartbreaking to see. And that's when I thought, aren't we supposed to walk on rather than walk off? Come on, we're the 12th man! We're the best fans in the world! Lets say if other teams were in our situation, where everything goes against them in a long period of time. The fans would mock the team, leave the stadium with curses under their breath, and even go for a radical strike against the manager. Don't you think? We are handling this well and better than anyone else. So, keep walking on!

Well I haven't talk about the match yet. But, what the heck after half time, we're gaining confidence. The fans (left in the stadium) have been fantastic. Chanting songs, and cheered for every chances that the players made. And it's back to Captain Fantastic to inspire us again :)

The Villans are next!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pompey 2 - 0 Liverpool

Ahh, devastating. It's never a good feeling to write about a losing match. I missed the first half because I was having dinner outside. But I heard we kept on attacking and should've scored. But when I got home it's already 1-0 and I saw nobody played the midfield besides Gerrard. Then I knew that Mascherano had been given a red card. So, what went wrong? I'm not ever gonna watch a repeat of a losing match.

But what I know is that the formation was a bit different than the formation when we played Wigan. The second half was crappy. We kept losing possession. But I guess the lack of player was the one that causes it. We had a couple of good chances, but the keeper brilliantly saved both strikes. Apelah nasib.

Everyone is talking about Rafa's going to get sacked and blablabla. Truth is, I still trust Rafa in managing the team. He knows his players more than anyone. Maybe sometimes he made crazy decisions but I still trust him than anyone to manage the team. But I could be wrong.

Well what we can do now is just keep walking on. I know it's a long time ahead for the next match but hey, Manchester United just got thrashed by Fulham. That makes it a bit better, doesn't it?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Liverpool 2 - 1 Latics (finally)

Woohoo! We won! Sorry fer the late post though. I didn't get the chance to see the match live. My freakin hotel room didn't have ESPN on their tv. But I'm home now, and thank God there's a replay on midnight.

The first half, woowee who could've thought we could play like that! That's the Liverpool we used to know. At first I was a bit doubtful about the formation that puts Aurelio as a winger. And Torres didn't even start. But heck, we attacked and kept on passing. It was such a good match to watch. Mascherano was the playmaker besides Gerrard. He was pushing the team forward and helped to clear the danger at some times. Insua is improving and I won't mind at all if he becomes a regular. Benayoun was unlucky to not to get his goal, despite his clever runs. And finally I saw the idea of putting Aurelio as the winger. His smart crosses helped to create chances for the team a lot, in this case has lead to Ngog's goal. Ngog and Kuyt both had produce some beautiful strikes.

Torres' goal was uhh.. well deserved. Still, it was the goal that gave us the three points. I don't know how the heck we could concede a goal right at the 90th minute. It should never been allowed to happen. Reina is so short of clean sheets right now.

But anyways, I also heard that Malaysia are the football champions of South East Asia! Woohoo! Quite frustrated that I didn't get to see the match live. I only get live updates from the radio in the car. But I heard we kept on attacking and deserved to win. Congratulations Team Harimau Malaya! :)

* Have you heard? If we score the first goal vs Portsmouth this Saturday, we'll be scoring the 500th goal in EPL this season - which happens to be the record for fastest 500 goals in a season in EPL history! Lets hope we score! :D

Monday, December 14, 2009

Liverpool 1- 2 Arsenal

And I'm back to football blogging! Woo it's been like 10 matches since my last post. And since my last post, we've been drawing and losing more and more. Seriously, it's like we've been voodooed. Everything just went against us. We already lost our CL and PL title hopes. Both. Gone. Looks like I won't have so much fun watching football on my 6-month holiday.

Anyway.. it's back to the match. Lost again. We rocked that first half. Arsenal didn't have a chance on that ball. Not a smart goal but, a good effort by Kuyt.

But somehow I knew we're gonna flunk that second half. Just how many matches did we have the first lead and lost the match later on? Johnson's own goal.. yikes. He tried his best but, he just couldn't get on his feet and clear the ball. Told you we've been voodooed.

Arshavin punye goal smart aa. Malas nak comment haha. You rock lah Arshavin.

Ape ni Ref, badan je sasa, foul tak nak bagi!

Losing has been so immune to me and to all of us, I'm sure. We'll get over this sooner or later. So United had lost, Chelsea drawn, Spurs lost, we lost.. looks like the happiest fans this week should be the Gunners. Haih Arsenal kalau tak menang jugak PL tahun ni, tak tau laaa.

Okie dokie. Will write more soon. Bubyebyebye.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

United fans can go ahead and play with your beach balls

Sorry fer the lack of new posts, guys! As you all know, SPM is just 3 weeks away so I am kind of restless right now. To be honest, Liverpool-United match was the first match I watched in full 90 minutes in the past 4 matches. Yes, I sacrificed watching football and my favorite blonde boy. I probably deserve better than good grades now. Hahaha.

Losing 4 matches in a row is such a depressing thing. I was feeling hopeless at some point that I didn't read on football news for the whole week. Good thing I had bigger things to focus on rather than football.

United match was so hard to resist. Everybody was talking about it so I can't help talking about it too. United fans in my school already started mocking on how we would lose and how Rafa would get sacked after that. Deep down I always knew we would win this match anyways.

And so we did! 4 losses in a row was put behind, and of course you can't help but to feel so triumphant when you beat Manchester United. I'm gonna hold on to the towels for now. If only we can keep winning and avoid many draws like other teams, we can actually get on top and win the title. But that's just me being over optimistic. Haha.

I shall not write for the upcoming matches for the next 2 months. But after that I'll pay attention to this blog again! Bye guys! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

In the blues


I thought we could've won. I have to admit it now - I fall asleep on the 30th minute.

I was so tired that day! The first 30 minutes - as far as I watched - Liverpool controlled the game. I know we would score at some point. Usually when our defenders are performing well, there is no way we could concede. We made a few breakthrough and we did come close to netting the goal.

And I woke up at 70th minute and saw the score was 1-0. My early assumption is that the goal should come from a penalty. And then come the second goal, and I forced myself to go back to sleep. I am pretty sure that Liverpool played well, and I was told that Reina did a number of remarkable saves. And so did that Chelsea keeper, Hilario. So now I have no idea who to blame or what is there to complain. Maybe it's the usual problems we're having, to get creative and to have someone else besides Lucas to control the midfield. But it is impossible for me to watch a repeat of a losing match.

Maybe no luck again this time. It's pretty depressing thinking that we already lost 3 matches, aite? That is more than the overall number of matches we lost on last season. Throwing the towels? No, not yet. Walk on!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheating blokes in purple 2 - 0 Liverpool

I figure starting to write the post before the match ends will let me eat my supper sooner. We are losing anyways.

Well, well. Look at that formation our gaffer had set up for today. I have no problem about the formation, I have problem on the player that was given the job of left midfield. Aurelio was playing midfield all suddenly! I was glad enough that Aurelio is back on the starting line-up but, who are we kidding, Rafa? We adored Aurelio for his defensive works. Few times we saw him getting deeper, thus a few times he had to remind himself that he has to play more forward.

That's not our main problem though. Gerrard wasn't himself too. And Lucas. What need I say more about his boy? I thought he already got his game for his good performances on the last two or three matches but, he performed awfully today so we all know now that Mascherano was the one we need to guide the midfield.

But all I want to blame today is the referee and those cheating blokes in purple shirts.

In the end, no luck for us today. It is okay because this is only a group stage and we were playing away. But it is not acceptable because we had full squad, we thrashed Hull, and we're going against Chelsea this Sunday. Great, Chelsea would have confidence now. Considering they lost their last match.

Oh, darn it.

That's all lah. Sorry for not posting on the last match! I was away and I just watched the replay today. Agree to whatever y'all said.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shaky, unconvincing 3-2 victory.

And I'd have to say, entertaining. But the game was so nail-biting I forgot to enjoy it haha. Anyways, thank God I'll have a good raya tomorrow! WE will have a good raya. All my uncles are 'Pool fans too.

So.. I thought we'll gonna whip another 4-0 but, maybe it is a God's test to Liverpool fans who are about to get mocked by their cousins by their narrow win and stuff. Kyrgiakos being sidelined again. Aurelio didn't start and Agger is still not fully recovered. Carra looks especially shaky today and Skrtel makes more unnecessary tackles than ever. Insua is okay, but he should never try to shoot for goal. So many flaws in our defence, it makes us concede too easily. Especially on set pieces or counter attack. But Glen Johnson, for the win baby, for the WIN.

But it's back to my favourite 4-4-1-1 formation, only with Lucas on so, I'm not convinced. Although he'd been highly rated in the last two games, I'm still looking for that consistency. And this game? Just proved he still needs time to work on that Alonso role. But he didn't make that many silly mistakes as he used to though. Steven Gerrard looked rather lazy but even with his laziness, always managed to lead with style.

Fernando Torres' solo effort is sick as shite! He was unfortunate not to get his hat trick though. But he's among the top scorers now so, that's all I can ask for my pretty boy now ain't it? Harharhar. Last but not least, West Ham nasibbbbbb je goal. Penalty pun tak betul.

Haa that's all I had to say. If you're wondering why am I wasting my raya night here and why am I not playing mercun with cousins like every other kids, it is because I'm at home and my kampung is just 15 minutes away so we always go there at pagi raya. Lucky lucky me.

So tomorrow, big big derby match between City and United. I don't know who I'd want to lose more though. Either side, I'll be happy. Bye everyone, have a nice raya! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I think 4 is my favourite number

So peeps, another 4-0 in the bag. Back to the winning ways, thanks to Abang Yahudi kita, Yossi Benayoun. He's probably our most underrated player, eh?

So Rafa decided to change the formation. Stevie is going back to midfield and we have two left wingers on, so Riera probably was supposed to support Torres on the left. But anyhows, Benayoun outshined him. The formation doesn't work for Riera, I guess. Torres was kept quite by his markmen, although he made a few awesome runs. He was involved in one of the goal too.

Well, well. Look who performed too last night. Lucas Leiva. Despite a few silly mistakes, gotta admit he did a pretty good job in the midfield. Why can't you be as consistent, Lucas? Rafa awarded him as 'key player' last night. There's something fishy about those two..

Dirk Kuyt is everywhere as usual. I was bumped not to see Aurelio though. We could've scored more with his superb curling free kicks! But Insua was a pretty good lad too, so..

So the Mancs won big. I don't know who I want to see losing more, United or Spurs. But having United to lose two games too could've shut them up. Anyways, they proved that Spurs just can't simply break the top four. But Man City is a threat though. Gila belasah Arsenal. But they were lucky Arsenal's key player, Arshavin wasn't playing. Haih I so want the Man City to lose anytime soon. And so is Chelsea. Who was almost losing too. Takpe lah Arsenal, your chance to win the title is as much as us now, ain't it? :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well well, look who's here to give some reviews. I can't help to not to be quite about the United-Arsenal match. School today has shown the jerks that've always been in every Manchester United's fans. They bashed the Arsenal's fans for some narrow and unimpressive win! Face it, Arsenal's sloppy own goal and a Rooney's dive only the ones that helped United to win that match. They were lucky Fabregas wasn't available to play. If only Arsenal had a bit more luck, they would've OWNED Man United BIG TIME. Arsenal were the better side all the way. But of course, I couldn't do a thing to defend those poor Gunners' fans because I know the outcome of doing that. "Eleh Liverpool kalah dengan Villa n Tottenham nak cakap banyak pulakkk"

It's international break now and it's a good thing because then it will be in time until Fabio Aurelio is available to play again! Although Aquilani is still recovering :(

Just imagine when all the players are available to play.. 4-4-1-1 with Aurelio-Carra-Agger/Skrtel-Johnson on the defence, Riera/Benayoun-Masch-Aquilani-Kuyt in mids and Gerrard as the attacking midfield and Torres up front of him. Wahhhh gilaaa triumph la wei! It's only a matter of time people, watch out!

That's all fer now. I won't be able to post reviews on the upcoming international matches. I'll be off doing my SPM trials. Wish me luck :|

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bolton 2 - 3 Reds

Phew, my handsome captain to the rescue again! I should've never underestimated Bolton. Well to be exact, I should never overestimated us, for now at least. The first half passing terabur macam taik kambing jee. Salah siapa? Lucas jugak. After Torres scored, that's more like Liverpool we were waiting for. Well, almost.

The Hero and The Zero

Now, the new signing. I still need time to learn to pronounce his name.. and how to spell it. Anyways, he did okay for a debut. Of course he's nothing to compare to the brilliant Johnson but, he did okay I guess. At least he has stubs and his ponytail is not shining blonde. Well in the end, the 3 points is more important than the many points I collected in my Fantasy Premier League hehehe.

Now the United-Arsenal match. To be honest I didn't really know who I wanted to win but, after a few minutes watching the faces of those United scums, who am I kidding, of course I never wanted to watch Manchester United win. But Arsenal lost anyway so.. Chelsea and Spurs are the ones with a 100% wins now. Can't wait for Chelsea-Spurs clash later.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Champions League draw

Interesting draws! Especially the part where the two Spanish giants are clashing against two Italian giants. The non-EPL fans are all ticked off on the fact that the English Big Four are going against some minor third-rated teams bla bla bla but, I don't see how this outcome could've been some kind of a magic trick. Fair and square la.

So Liverpool are drawn against Fiorentina, Lyon, and Debrecen. To be honest, we are in a tougher group than Arsenal and Manchester United. But guess what Ferguson has said after the draw? "We have been handed a tough Champions League draw". Pfft. Liverpool have beaten that fricken' Besiktas 8-0 la wei (Babel was on hat trick on this one, wasn't it?). Still, Chelshite still needs to go against Atletico Madrid. Who have beaten us in the pre-season harhar.

Yeay we'll see you!

I've always adored Fiorentina's purple jerseys by the way. Imagine they'll play at home against us soon. It will be like, purple shirts vs black+gold shirts. Ahh pretty colors! :)

Hm anyways, I wonder why the guys at school are quiet about the Liverpool loss.. sebab bulan Ramadhan tak baik ejek orang eh? :|

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Pool 1 - 3 Villa.

I missed the first half because I overslept haha. But waking up seeing we're 2-0 down and with Torres' pretty face ruined by some kind of bruise just made me feel like going to sleep again. I watched the highlights at half time and we actually had a few good attacking moves. Of course it was all blocked by multiple number of white shirts in front of the goal. First goal was deflected through Lucas. Now what am I going to say again about this boy.. And the second goal was a lucky good header.

When Torres nets it the goal we knew that we could make a comeback. But we conceded a penalty right after we scored the goal. Oh well, there's always not much to blame when Stevie concede a penalty. Though he did look a bit clumsy throughout the second half. It's our two defenders who performed outstandingly -- Insua and Johnson. Always provided crosses and regain possession. Credits to Mascherano as well. Very good defensive job.

We had chances but we weren't lucky enough. Is this perhaps a God's test to a future Premier League title holder? Man United had a bad start on last season too. Hehe.

Reading you guys punya blog was less depressing than what I was gonna write at first. But now I think I'm gonna be more optimistic lah. Come on, Reds! WALK ON!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

4-0 sounds very familiar.

Happyyyyyy! Cheers to my effort for waking up in the middle of the night and searching for streaming links on the internet. It's easy when you have Twitter anyway, fans there just tend to share links. Thank God I found a good link. Though, after the second half viewers are increasing and thus the advert to 'upgrade to premium' came out every 20 seconds. Imagine how many times I had to refresh the page to get rid of it. Cheers to my effort to that as well.

Howeverrr, I didn't miss any of the goals except the first one because I only started watching at the 7th minute :( But saw the replay, typical Gerrard-Torres partnership la kann :D

After watching Johnson's performance in this and the previous match, all I want to do is to give full credits to Rafa for being such a genius to think that Johnson is capable in our team hehe. He showed such an impressive performance. He deserved his goal and what a breathtaking acrobatic bicycle-kick as well! The link up between him and Kuyt is very good. Though Rafa kept claiming that he bought Johnson to be more defensive, I think the team became more attacking with Johnson on the right. Ohh he played like Sergio Ramos, kan? Definitely in my Fantasy Premier League team lah after this :D

Kuyt's goal - full credits to my handsome captain! Gila babeng what a difficult turn he made. And Ngog.. right place at the right time. Johnson jugak yang cross bola! :D

Geez I put smileys at the end of every paragraph. Huh. Anyway, thank God this match came so quickly. Now we can forget that horrible defeat. Relishing the Anfield moments for it was another 4-0 to the mighty Reds!

And 1-0 to Burnley HAHAHAH. Haish tak boleh pulak nak ejek sebab dah kalah first game hari tu :|

Monday, August 17, 2009

2-1 to Spurs

Thank god we didn't keep him

So much on staying unbeaten till the end of the season. We already lost at the very start. I already had a bad feeling on this starting match against Spurs.

Face it - first match, White Hart Lane, Redknapp, 'Pool's poor pre-seasons, injured players, no Xabi, Lucas in

Both of Spurs' fouls in the box area after the first one are meant for penalty. Come on la, ref! Both goals from Spurs are scored through set pieces, which is very frustrating. Torres was very well-marked too. The match was a rough one. The clash between Carra and Skrtel sort of cost us. We clearly miss Xabi and his passes. Lucas was unable to keep our usual passing momentum thus Stevie had to go deeper to gain possession - leaving Torres out on his own.

Come on Rafa, a quick Rafalution is needed!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Groins groans

So have you guys heard? Steven Gerrard is out of England's upcoming match against Holland because of yet another groin injury. This is VERY worrying! We had poor results in preseasons and we're playing against Spurs this Saturday! Since the departure of Xabi Alonso and the newly signed Aquilani is still out injured, we'd have to depend on the inconsistent Lucas to guide the midfield.

Carra is still fighting over his ankle injury. It's the first home match of Spurs so they might get a little bit more eager to win. Ohhh god.

Please Kuyt, save the dayyy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm writing again

- I was told, Aquilani's preferable shooting range is similar to Xabi Alonso, but with more on targets
- I really hope he will have less injury prone while with us.
- Aurelio can take over the set-pieces business from now on.
- I don't know if we can count on Aquilani in any cases of Gerrard's absence though haha
- Always been and will always be a Xabi Alonso fan :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I hope Mascherano and Xabi stay.

I'll write more when I want to write more. Haha.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Forza Barca :|

The best thing about Barca win last night - we don't have to see the proud faces of those Devils scums. Barca just proved that Manu is never good enough playing against good teams. All luck. But sorry Devils, no luck for you this time. Barca outplayed them. Everyone was very good. My favorite is Iniesta. All time favorite, I must say. Haha. But I've always watched Barca played and that's how they played it last night. So much good tactics and strategies, and the passings were awesome.

Ronaldo semalam dah pandai tackle, ye. Bad tackles. Puyol la mangsa. Haha. Rooney didn't play as much as a striker last night. He had to manmark Messi.

So Barca did deserve the trophy as much as Liverpool do (hehe). Ahh the joy of seeing the dejected faces of United players, fans.. and Ferguson. And did Ronaldo cry? Haha.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last match at Anfield

No freakin' live broadcast @#%$*!@&^%*#$

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bye bye West Brom

Dreams are already tossed. But of course we will walk on to the next season. At first I felt annoyed, but after reading the newspaper and saw United holding the Premier League trophy, I felt truly devastated. Almost humiliated. The title really should've been ours. We were as close as ever. We have beaten Man U and Chelsea twice. We scored most goals, we were unbeaten at home, and at one point we were top of the table by 6 points. But the draws at home, cost us a hell LOT. Really, when is our luck gonna come?

At least Steven Gerrard has been awarded as the Player of the Year by FWA. At least something can make me feel it's all worth it.

So the match last night. I thought they were going to wear the new black away kit. But West Brom IS black and white so.. Haih so much of seeing Torres in it. Haha.

Talk about Torres, he was probably the worst 'Pool player last night. Macam tak semangat je. Relax la Torres, World Cup ada lagi! Hahaha. Benayoun was also quite ineffective. We played less quality football but, had to give credits to overly semangat West Brom. Fortune must be unfortunate. Sorry guys, this is not the game you can hope to win. See you in uh, few years.

Wicked solo effort from Kuyt for the goal! At first I didn't know why was it so tense with Carra when Arbeloa failed to deal with Fortune. Okay maybe not once, but few times he failed. But I read the interview and Carra said that they can't afford to concede any goals because he wants Pepe to have a clean sheet since he is one behind Van Der Sar and have the Golden Glove. Awww! I hope there's no more stupid brawls in the last home match. We will thrash Keane! He costs us the title, BIG TIME! DESTROYYY!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wuu black!

Mmm can't wait to see Torres in action in those hehehe

Monday, May 11, 2009


It's 3-0 again versus West Ham. Thank god their key players are injured. Torres and Stevie finally can play together again. First goal pon dah nampak the magic of Torres-Gerrard partnership. Hahahaha. No I won't talk about other goals. Liverpool score goals and win games. Players did what they have to do.

Nowwww. That derbies. First, Manchester derby. Didn't watch it but heck how badly do I want United to lose! But yeah as figured, they won. Now, the London derby. I thought Arsenal can get the crap out of Chelsea as they did to Liverpool but noo. They were hopeless. Arshavin didn't even play. Though they did play some beautiful football, they never got through Chelsea's solid defence. Praises to Chelsea though, their finishings were awesome. Who needs ball possesion?

Adoyai Arsenal. Dengan Liverpool terlebih terer. Dengan Chelsea Manu main merepek-repek. Memang nak bagi Manu menang semua kot! Haih.

So I think the table aren't going to change between the top four, huh?

Friday, May 8, 2009

So, Man U vs Barca in Rome

Ugh why Man U must be there? But yeah, I think they deserve it to the final. Arsenal played horrible.

Barca vs Chelsea is one hell of controversies. Chelsea only scored once, by Essien through a great goal. Ball possession was 60-40 throughout the match. Barca controlled the possession, but never passed Chelsea's great defence. Chelsea main apa, 7-2-1 kot? Bapaklah defensivenye. Only Drogba who had to struggle in front, pastu bila kena tackle complain2. In those few fouls in the penalty box, only one of them I think should've be given a penalty - Pique's hand ball. Yang lain tu players Chelsea yg jatuh senang sangat.

Barca scored the last minute goal at the first shot on target. Haha bengang jugak kot jadi Chelsea. Barca buat lambat-lambat je lepas goal. Hohohoho. Though Chelsea shouldn't keep blaming on the officials. Siapa suruh kau tak score? Oh well, I really hope Henry will score 4 goals in Rome.

Fans Chelsea tak datang kelas pon hari ni. I wonder why hahahaha.

Monday, May 4, 2009

'Pool 3 - 0 NU

Many linked to my blog now so gotta write something huh :|

Torres' injury should be a blow to us but Rafa promised that he'll be back for the next match. But shouldn't hamstring take much time longer to recover? But I know even without Torres, Liverpool can still win anything. It's just that I want Torres to be the top scorer in Premier League, and not Cristiano Ronaldo again. I mean, exactly how much impact did he give to Manchester United in Premier League? Very seldom that he scores the important goals anyway =.=

Never mind bout that. Stevie's back and we all can see the difference he made to the team. Liverpool's infamous long range shots had hit the post or saved by the keeper more than 3 times. 2 of the goals have been kindly given to us by the officials. They looked almost offside hehe. We should've scored more, but we are 3 goals more than Manure. Still, 3 points behind! We're still waiting for Manure to slip up. But it's hard with their luck. No matter how bad they played, they'll still win it. Honestly, if I say we can win the title, I'm being too optimistic.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New LFC Away Kits 09/10

Hey guys, just Youtube the new away kits. FUHHHH lawaaa!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hull 1 - 3 Liverpool

Taktau lahh nak cakap ape. Boring game. Unlike Liverpool at all. Uhm. Yeah.

When I turned on the tv Man U was losing 2-1. But suddenly Rooney equalized. And the goals datang bertubi-tubi pulak. I had to watch Ronaldo lari pusing padang sambil baling2 baju. Sloppy goals but still, they won 5-2. Well, that sucks.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Haha bodohhh

Liverpool is coming to Singapore and Thailand, that and only that!

I can't possibly travel that far to watch them because trials are coming that month.

Aiyooo deyy what laaaa.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

8 goals thriller.. again =.=

Should we go 'pheww' or 'awhhh'? Watching the last goal was a phew but after looking at the table, I went awhhh. Manure must be cheering by now. Geez doesn't anyone being any help by now? Man U keep beating y'all with 1 goal lead =.= come on, do something!

Good game it was, but not enough for us Reds! Seriously, we have everyone - Carra, Agger, Aurelio, Masch. Tapi semua hancur ni kenapaaaa? Too many silly mistakes la. Torres and Yoss must be pissed because they worked really hard on that goals and yet we conceded that easily. All four from Arshavin! Haih nasib baik I'm a fan. If it was Drogba and his robot dance, aku baling jugak tv tu hahaha.

But with Arsenal on their form right now, it's not impossible for them to beat Man U soon. By that time, could we be leading? -_-

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 goals thriller

Good thing is, we scored 4. And the bad news is, Chelsea also scored 4.

I think it's a good thing Gerrard didn't play the first half. Hiddink's old tactics didn't work because well, you can't possibly waste your time marking Lucas, Stevie's replacement.

But in the end, the very wise Hiddink found new tactics and Chelsea began scoring again. Two false hopes happened there, and I think I had my fever back again.

Like everybody, I enjoyed the game and I think the Reds did a very good job on fighting back. Luck wasn't on our side, and let's just wish Chelsea luck in meeting Barca haha. But honestly, with a very intelligent manager like Hiddink, I think Chelsea could find a way to beat Barca. Bagi lah, bukannye pernah menang CL pon hahaha.

Or maybe Porto can win the CL.. okay anyone but Manu!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's send Chelsea into the blues

So Gail got his wish. Fancy we do another one at Stamford Bridge? Well whatever the results may be, Reds army would've done their best.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Could this mean season's over?

Of course after that horrible defeat of Liverpool to Chelsea, my life becomes worst and worst. Coming to school is the last thing that I wanted to do, but the first thing I HAD to do. I planned to avoid any sorts of contacts with the guys but malangnya, masa nak naik tangga, set-set budak lelaki tu lahhh yang tengah nak turun. And there was the poor I, being booed all the way. Some freak even left a paper written 3-1 on my desk.

I forced myself to write a post anyway. Of course at the first 20 minutes we were the better side. Until Chelsea found their form, they were impossible. It's not that we were that bad, it's that Chelsea were much better. I can't believe how Sugus Hiddink found a way to beat us. Sure, now everyone can beat Liverpool. Just follow Sugus methods,

1) Focus on Torres and Gerrard and make their movements limited.
2) Extreme markings. You can overtake the passing game of the opponent anytime.
3) During a corner, give the header task to a player whom no one would expect him to score
4) REALLY extreme markings.
5) Bagi makan sugus banyak-banyak.

Wow, I really wanted that Rome hat trick :(



curse you Chelshites.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thank youuu Yossi!

Whoaaa wasn't I glad to see the ball go through the net! Liverpool played very very well. So many shots been made but only denied by the stupid posts. We controlled like what, 65% of the possession? In the end, a last minute goal is the least we deserved. I thought it wasn't the day for us and I'm ready to hand down the title race. Rafa made few changes though. Riera and Masch wasn't playing because they were tired. By the way, where's Aurelio? He didn't even make it to the bench. Oh well, Insua is a pretty good lad too. Oh how I missed being on the top of the table!

After making 4 crucial saves,

Man of the match : The posts.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stevie is the best footballer in the world

First of all, I do not hate Capello anymore, since he just agrees to Zinedine Zidane that Stevie is the most complete footballer there is. Well, everyone should agree on them. He's the best captain there is, he inspires his teammates, he has the aura that makes us feel secure whenever he's in our team, he shows good discipline on the pitch, he scores important goals, he can play any positions on the field, and that makes him the most complete footballer in the world.

Stevie will always be my number one favorite footballer. I really think he should win at least an award for Player of the Year this year. Maybe UEFA Footballer of the Year, again :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

lucky number 4 :)

I kissed the camera and I liked it


I'm posting a blog right away since I'm bored watching Arsenal and in front of my lappy.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 4-1? We won did we? Did we? Did we? Did we? Did we?

To be honest, I expected us to win. I'm quite suprised how everyone thinks United will thrash Liverpool. Well, we proved them wrong!

I love how Torres played today. I love how the defenders settled right away after the shocking line-up change. I love how Lucas didn't screw up today. I love how Kuyt always bring the ball forward. I love how Stevie captained the team. I love how Dossena is in his top form now.

Vidic made two terrible mistakes which provided us the two goals. Not his day. Rooney made too many mistakes. Tevez's been unlucky. Where the hell is Park. Poor Van Der Sar can't keep anymore continous clean sheets. He's been hit by 4! Haha. And Ronaldo just.. sucks. He never led the team anyway.

Haih too bad it's school holiday. I cannot walk the red carpet on Monday :(

Woo beat Chelsea twice, thrashed Manu at Old Trafford, top the toughest group in CL, thrashed Real by 5-0, the season has been very well. I'm already contented :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the Real deal - part 2

Lama tak crap pasal bolaaa. Sooo how did you guys enjoyed last night's game? The Reds was the most skillful I've ever seen them play. Gerrard's lookin more captain-y than ever. Simply adore how he dealt with things.

Hesh tak tau lahhh nak cakap pasal ape. Everyone was good. Tak tau nak kutuk ape. Kutuk Madrid lah haha. Heinze dan Pepe kesiannn kena sekali dengan Stevie and Torres. Ref pon asyik bagi foul diorang je hahaha. First 15 minutes, gila ah banyak gila chance. Cantik set up Liverpool buat. In the end, Casillas was the man in charge of the goal. Haih nasib baik Casillas jaga tuu kalau tak kena belasah 7-1 jugak Real ni haha. Poor Casillas, he didn't deserve to have conceded that many goals. Rasenye Casillas lagi penat daripada Raul tu hahaha.

Dossena dapat jugak satu goal. Bagi je lah, ok jugak dia main tadi. Anyway, the Reds played their best and if we can do it again at Old Trafford.. wow best.

We're going to the quarter finals! Err kita jumpa Inter lagi lah? Hahahahahaha go Abang Brahim!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

the Real deal

Well done, Reds! Haha I was very sure that we'll win. It's always a dream to watch Liverpool vs Real. Reina vs Casillas, Torres vs Raul, Ramos, Arbeloa, Xabi, ahh Spanish galore! But isn't Liverpool more Spanish than Real? =.=

Anyway, Real dominated the first half. They controlled the game more but nothing close to scoring, having Reina being so alert in guarding the goal. Pepe is one of my favorite player. He man-marked Torres, and I guess he did a pretty good job. Torres susah betul nak dapat bola. Ramos with his familiar movement, conquering the whole right side of the field. Casillas was once challenged by a long range effort from Xabi. Nasib baik Casillas jaga tuuu kalau tak masuk daa. Haha. And Robben hates Liverpool, so why bother talking about him haha.

Skrtel, Arbeloa, Carra all did a very good job at defending. Hah nasib baik takde Nistelrooy! Xabi and Masch kept the possesion secure, excellent header by Benayoun, and all my credits goes to Aurelio! Definitely Man of the Match for me.

No number 10 for your trophy rack, Real.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Liverpool 1 - 1 Manchester City

Whoa the title gets all blurry now. Sedihnya :(

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spain does it again

Well actually, England did better than I thought. Especially Wright Phillips and Becks, wowowow. If Stevie and Rooney was playing, I think England would be a tough match for Spain. England actually dominated the first ten minutes I think, and Spain's defence looked weak for once. But Puyol wasn't playing so..

Fernando Torres spent a quite night yesterday, which is good. Hehe. I gasped a few times when seeing him being tackled, oh how I wish he got substituted after like, 20 minutes of playing haha. But that's sort of selfish of fellow Liverpool fans like us huh. Torres really enjoyed playing for Spain. And so does every Spanish reds. Anyway, I knew I said I was fully on Spain's side in my last post, but that was just my hatred to Capello yang suka kutuk Gerrard. Of course I'm still supporting England. I love all of the players and of course I'll be supporting both countries for World Cup.

I want to talk about other friendly matches, but I don't. Read it on ahah byebye =.=

Apehal la Ramos bermanja dengan Capello

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pompey 2 - 3 Liverpool

'P' for phew. At some point we thought we were going to end up with a draw again. Abang Hensem to the rescue again. Thank god we had some luck. And also thanks to our ex-striker, Peter Crouch, who gave that backpass which provide us with the opener (I just knew there's a rule like that by the way hehe). Aurelio, Aurelio. He gave us some goddamn splendid performance yesterday. A very good free kick as well. Bravo!

Babel's miss was sort of familiar huh? Haha. What happened to our old Ryan Babel? He used to be called as the super sub, our secret weapon. And now, he's a super flop. Ngog is just lampi as always. So since we won, I'd say it is a very exciting match haha.

Well thank God, Rafa's freakin weird Rafalution worked out well. What if Plan A didn't work, Rafa?

Who's watching Spain vs England? It would've been a very interesting match if Stevie is playing. But since he's not, I'm fully on Spain's side! Let's hope Torres makes the hat-trick. Bahahaha. Crush you, Capello.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Huh baru 3 hari bangga kalahkan Chelsea, sekarang kena balik. Hari tu bangga jalan kat sekolah macam red carpet, pagi tadi jalan tutup muka sambil kedengaran orang menjerit-jerit 'woii ape kalah 1-0 niii? hahahaa'. Haihh. Well, we can't get all the good things in life, can we?

Aiyo abang hensemm, kenapa off form sangat nii? Sedih la tu boyfriend dia tak main. First touch terabur, bila dah jatuh buat-buat sakit pulak. Buat orang cuak saje. Aih Torres =.=

I think the turning point was Stevie's subtitution. Well not like really turn, but did change the way we played a little bit. Hai kurang ajar je Everton fans bersorak sorak bila Gerrard kuar. We still dominated the first 90 minutes, but in the extra time, we were dreadful. Everton played better and they had better chances. So it wouldn't be fair if they didn't win it, I guess. A very good goal from Gosling.

Lucas' challenge was stupid, period. When are we going to see some consistency in him?

Yes, I'm upset that we lost. But what I'm actually upset of is Stevie's absence in the next.. what, 3 games at least? Let's hope he'll be fit for Real Madrid's clash.

Semangat kejiranan diperlukan, THRASH MANCHESTER UNITED!

Monday, February 2, 2009

We're still in business, devils

Fernando Jose Torres Sanz 2 - 0 Chelsea

Hahahaa faith always pay huh guys? Awesomeee play by fellow Reds yesterday. Of course, it was our favorite 4-4-1-1 formation. Aurelio should be our best guy for the match yesterday, and Skrtel. Ohh defends just played well.

Masch's been doing some good (and harsh) tackling as always, Stevie DID dive (not that I'm suprised haha), and Xabi should be thanked for his innocent face and for being oh-so-gentleman as always seen from everyone's eyes, making Mike Riley turned to Fat Frankie as the bad guy. Haha. But the match WAS a bit boring without Lampard. I like him. And Kuyt's been very busy moving the ball around. But sometimes his 'sense of urgency' just turn into plain clumsiness.

And uhm, Bosingwa's kick at the end of the match on Yossi's butt actually amused me, real hard. Buat muka selamba pastu blah. Hahaha.

And finally, the goal. I was just starting up the Add Math homework from where I left it since I was already sure that it's going to be another goalless draw and Manu fans already been buzzing my phone, cheering on how they'll lift up the cup again. And there you go, I looked at the screen and Torres already jumped high for a header and somehow the ball went through the net. Saya pun apa lagi, baling pensel dan menjerit macam orang gilaa. Hahaha. Aduiyai. Rasa nak join je diorg lompat atas Torres hahah. I went all high and the second goal just made me the happiest person in the world.

Pagi tu, pergi sekolah macam jalan atas RED CARPET wo. The guys all made the tak puas hati face, and some cheered and some went shouting 'NASIBBBB! BODO LA ALONSO!! REF MCM TAIK!'

Hahahaha. Should I bother? You already suck, Chels.

<-- Me and Nadia sat like Torres did here all proudly during the assembly. Few 'pffffffft' can be heard. It's soo amusing.

And we're still in business, Manchester United. Still in and on.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

freakin' draw.

Shall we have faith or shall we die?

I say we shall have faith. And then we die.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Steve Gerrard, Gerrard. He passed the ball forty yards. blablabla

Hello guys! Happy Chinese New Year! School's out the whole week! *smug*

Now, yesterday was the first Liverpool match I watched since the last two matches haha. A draw. Why would I bother? We'll play easily in Goodison anyway. They'll finally move the bus to the other side of the field. Leave that to Carra to do his work. About the equalizer, I think Torres' pass was.. amazing. Superb. Impossible. Breathtaking. It suprised me that the draw didn't bother any of you guys too. I thought somebody would've been cursing by now. Hahaha. I guess we all have the same faith. Ceycey. Anyway, I agree to all of your sayings about the match.

Okay lah that's it. Cuti seminggu je, cikgu bagi homework untuk sebulan kot. Haha. Byebye!
Gong Xi Fat Choi! -- I'm not sure if I spell this right.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Steven Gerrard could face 5 years of prison - - and the FA ban

How could the year, when he celebrated his 10 years in Liverpool, scored a century of goals, been at the best start of the Premier League and awarded the PFA award for the best player of the year, then turned out to be the year where he could possibly end his career? Life is so unfair. Liverpool will mean nothing without Stevie. FOOTBALL mean nothing.

My pray will go to Steven Gerrard. Eh boleh ke doa untuk orang kafir? hahaha.

Still, I'm sad :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the devil wears nike

Pretty ironic isn't it, how last minute shots used to have saved us? Now it's against us and almost destroying our hopes to the title! Manu's very very very last minute lucky header and Tim Cahill's very late equaliser - now we have the right to be freakingly anxious, Manure is 3 points above us if they win their remaining match. And we still have a match at Old Trafford *gulp*.

Ahh the old true rival -- Manchester United. They always come in the way to whatever I'm reaching for. Crushing and destroying my hopes with their unusual luckiness. They are true devils. And devils should belong in hell, burned with fire. Definitely not in MY precious world! Why is it that they always there to block my hopes and dreams? Why why why WHYYYY?!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, I'm not stoked

Sorry, late post. School days. No, I didn't watch the match. I fell asleep on the couch. I was very very very tired. But when I woke up, 0-0. Well figured. I had a bad feeling about this Stoke. If Torres was starting earlier I bet there would be more chances and even more goals. But I don't get this Rafalution on putting Kuyt as a lone striker.

But I guess I'm glad I didn't watch it though. I heard there's an almost screamer at the very end of the match, but it hit the post. I would've gone mad after that.

I didn't really mind about this result I guess but that was BEFORE I found out that Manure won 3-0 against Chelsea. Sure it was so entertaining to see my friends at school teasing each other, but it also meant that if Manure win their remaining two matches, we'll be doomed :|

Monday, January 5, 2009

another exciting Merseyside Derby draw comin up

Last night's FA Cup 4th round draw brings us to meet Everton at Anfield. Once Everton's name pop out the screen, I'm so excited because we won't just play against a boring lower level Championship team (which will result a humiliating event if we lost), we will play against our neighbour -- long time rival since Liverpool FC was ever been established.

Pfft why am I making this so big? It's not that we seldomly play against them. But yea, another Merseyside derby would be fun.

Anyway, I just came by this article in a website -- Capello had said to some youth player to not to become like Steven Gerrard, regarding the assault charge. I'm freaking pissed! How could he said that to one of his best midfielder? It sounded like he's already calling Stevie a criminal, without a proper proof that Stevie was guilty in the incident.

Bodoh la Capello ni. I never liked him since the first time. Ugh.

* and I wanna apologize to some blogger's name mistake I did on my last post. already fixed it though! maybe I don't need to explain hehe.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Torres-Gerrard partnership strikes again!

Preston down, we're through the 4th round! I want this cup quite badly. But not as bad as the PL. But still, Liverpool didn't make quite a record of FA cup titles -- winning 7 cups, behind Tottenham (which is the 3rd team with most FA cup titles.. I think).

Liverpool played good, but at early and last minutes, they kinda laid back and gave the ball away to Preston. Riera's AMAZING. GOD, I think I admire him too much. Look at that solo effort on that goal! No wonder Babel is no longer our first choice to play the left wing. Talk about Babel, what's up with him lately? Such poor performance. Main terabur. Maybe he was desperate to prove that he's just as good. And don't let me start on Robert David Keane. I guess I want to call what UtusanLFC call him now, 'King of Misses' :D Kaki dia saloh adjust sokmo.

And it's back with our most favorite partnership of all time, the Torres-Gerrard partnership! Killer! I seriously want to see the old formation now, 4-4-1-1.. or 4-5-1. Where Torres and Gerrard always find a way to score! Stevie was so generous on that 2nd goal. How on earth did he see Nando making that run? I mean if Stevie scored, it would sort of distract people from talking bout the jail incident. But he didn't care, as long as Liverpool get that second goal, surely. Awww my captain :)

So I'm worrying about Xabi now! Thank god we have much improved Lucas. We can still play 4-4-1-1! :D

Okay, school's starting tomorrow. So.. have fun -___-