Thursday, May 28, 2009

Forza Barca :|

The best thing about Barca win last night - we don't have to see the proud faces of those Devils scums. Barca just proved that Manu is never good enough playing against good teams. All luck. But sorry Devils, no luck for you this time. Barca outplayed them. Everyone was very good. My favorite is Iniesta. All time favorite, I must say. Haha. But I've always watched Barca played and that's how they played it last night. So much good tactics and strategies, and the passings were awesome.

Ronaldo semalam dah pandai tackle, ye. Bad tackles. Puyol la mangsa. Haha. Rooney didn't play as much as a striker last night. He had to manmark Messi.

So Barca did deserve the trophy as much as Liverpool do (hehe). Ahh the joy of seeing the dejected faces of United players, fans.. and Ferguson. And did Ronaldo cry? Haha.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last match at Anfield

No freakin' live broadcast @#%$*!@&^%*#$

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bye bye West Brom

Dreams are already tossed. But of course we will walk on to the next season. At first I felt annoyed, but after reading the newspaper and saw United holding the Premier League trophy, I felt truly devastated. Almost humiliated. The title really should've been ours. We were as close as ever. We have beaten Man U and Chelsea twice. We scored most goals, we were unbeaten at home, and at one point we were top of the table by 6 points. But the draws at home, cost us a hell LOT. Really, when is our luck gonna come?

At least Steven Gerrard has been awarded as the Player of the Year by FWA. At least something can make me feel it's all worth it.

So the match last night. I thought they were going to wear the new black away kit. But West Brom IS black and white so.. Haih so much of seeing Torres in it. Haha.

Talk about Torres, he was probably the worst 'Pool player last night. Macam tak semangat je. Relax la Torres, World Cup ada lagi! Hahaha. Benayoun was also quite ineffective. We played less quality football but, had to give credits to overly semangat West Brom. Fortune must be unfortunate. Sorry guys, this is not the game you can hope to win. See you in uh, few years.

Wicked solo effort from Kuyt for the goal! At first I didn't know why was it so tense with Carra when Arbeloa failed to deal with Fortune. Okay maybe not once, but few times he failed. But I read the interview and Carra said that they can't afford to concede any goals because he wants Pepe to have a clean sheet since he is one behind Van Der Sar and have the Golden Glove. Awww! I hope there's no more stupid brawls in the last home match. We will thrash Keane! He costs us the title, BIG TIME! DESTROYYY!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wuu black!

Mmm can't wait to see Torres in action in those hehehe

Monday, May 11, 2009


It's 3-0 again versus West Ham. Thank god their key players are injured. Torres and Stevie finally can play together again. First goal pon dah nampak the magic of Torres-Gerrard partnership. Hahahaha. No I won't talk about other goals. Liverpool score goals and win games. Players did what they have to do.

Nowwww. That derbies. First, Manchester derby. Didn't watch it but heck how badly do I want United to lose! But yeah as figured, they won. Now, the London derby. I thought Arsenal can get the crap out of Chelsea as they did to Liverpool but noo. They were hopeless. Arshavin didn't even play. Though they did play some beautiful football, they never got through Chelsea's solid defence. Praises to Chelsea though, their finishings were awesome. Who needs ball possesion?

Adoyai Arsenal. Dengan Liverpool terlebih terer. Dengan Chelsea Manu main merepek-repek. Memang nak bagi Manu menang semua kot! Haih.

So I think the table aren't going to change between the top four, huh?

Friday, May 8, 2009

So, Man U vs Barca in Rome

Ugh why Man U must be there? But yeah, I think they deserve it to the final. Arsenal played horrible.

Barca vs Chelsea is one hell of controversies. Chelsea only scored once, by Essien through a great goal. Ball possession was 60-40 throughout the match. Barca controlled the possession, but never passed Chelsea's great defence. Chelsea main apa, 7-2-1 kot? Bapaklah defensivenye. Only Drogba who had to struggle in front, pastu bila kena tackle complain2. In those few fouls in the penalty box, only one of them I think should've be given a penalty - Pique's hand ball. Yang lain tu players Chelsea yg jatuh senang sangat.

Barca scored the last minute goal at the first shot on target. Haha bengang jugak kot jadi Chelsea. Barca buat lambat-lambat je lepas goal. Hohohoho. Though Chelsea shouldn't keep blaming on the officials. Siapa suruh kau tak score? Oh well, I really hope Henry will score 4 goals in Rome.

Fans Chelsea tak datang kelas pon hari ni. I wonder why hahahaha.

Monday, May 4, 2009

'Pool 3 - 0 NU

Many linked to my blog now so gotta write something huh :|

Torres' injury should be a blow to us but Rafa promised that he'll be back for the next match. But shouldn't hamstring take much time longer to recover? But I know even without Torres, Liverpool can still win anything. It's just that I want Torres to be the top scorer in Premier League, and not Cristiano Ronaldo again. I mean, exactly how much impact did he give to Manchester United in Premier League? Very seldom that he scores the important goals anyway =.=

Never mind bout that. Stevie's back and we all can see the difference he made to the team. Liverpool's infamous long range shots had hit the post or saved by the keeper more than 3 times. 2 of the goals have been kindly given to us by the officials. They looked almost offside hehe. We should've scored more, but we are 3 goals more than Manure. Still, 3 points behind! We're still waiting for Manure to slip up. But it's hard with their luck. No matter how bad they played, they'll still win it. Honestly, if I say we can win the title, I'm being too optimistic.