Thursday, January 29, 2009

freakin' draw.

Shall we have faith or shall we die?

I say we shall have faith. And then we die.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Steve Gerrard, Gerrard. He passed the ball forty yards. blablabla

Hello guys! Happy Chinese New Year! School's out the whole week! *smug*

Now, yesterday was the first Liverpool match I watched since the last two matches haha. A draw. Why would I bother? We'll play easily in Goodison anyway. They'll finally move the bus to the other side of the field. Leave that to Carra to do his work. About the equalizer, I think Torres' pass was.. amazing. Superb. Impossible. Breathtaking. It suprised me that the draw didn't bother any of you guys too. I thought somebody would've been cursing by now. Hahaha. I guess we all have the same faith. Ceycey. Anyway, I agree to all of your sayings about the match.

Okay lah that's it. Cuti seminggu je, cikgu bagi homework untuk sebulan kot. Haha. Byebye!
Gong Xi Fat Choi! -- I'm not sure if I spell this right.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Steven Gerrard could face 5 years of prison - - and the FA ban

How could the year, when he celebrated his 10 years in Liverpool, scored a century of goals, been at the best start of the Premier League and awarded the PFA award for the best player of the year, then turned out to be the year where he could possibly end his career? Life is so unfair. Liverpool will mean nothing without Stevie. FOOTBALL mean nothing.

My pray will go to Steven Gerrard. Eh boleh ke doa untuk orang kafir? hahaha.

Still, I'm sad :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the devil wears nike

Pretty ironic isn't it, how last minute shots used to have saved us? Now it's against us and almost destroying our hopes to the title! Manu's very very very last minute lucky header and Tim Cahill's very late equaliser - now we have the right to be freakingly anxious, Manure is 3 points above us if they win their remaining match. And we still have a match at Old Trafford *gulp*.

Ahh the old true rival -- Manchester United. They always come in the way to whatever I'm reaching for. Crushing and destroying my hopes with their unusual luckiness. They are true devils. And devils should belong in hell, burned with fire. Definitely not in MY precious world! Why is it that they always there to block my hopes and dreams? Why why why WHYYYY?!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, I'm not stoked

Sorry, late post. School days. No, I didn't watch the match. I fell asleep on the couch. I was very very very tired. But when I woke up, 0-0. Well figured. I had a bad feeling about this Stoke. If Torres was starting earlier I bet there would be more chances and even more goals. But I don't get this Rafalution on putting Kuyt as a lone striker.

But I guess I'm glad I didn't watch it though. I heard there's an almost screamer at the very end of the match, but it hit the post. I would've gone mad after that.

I didn't really mind about this result I guess but that was BEFORE I found out that Manure won 3-0 against Chelsea. Sure it was so entertaining to see my friends at school teasing each other, but it also meant that if Manure win their remaining two matches, we'll be doomed :|

Monday, January 5, 2009

another exciting Merseyside Derby draw comin up

Last night's FA Cup 4th round draw brings us to meet Everton at Anfield. Once Everton's name pop out the screen, I'm so excited because we won't just play against a boring lower level Championship team (which will result a humiliating event if we lost), we will play against our neighbour -- long time rival since Liverpool FC was ever been established.

Pfft why am I making this so big? It's not that we seldomly play against them. But yea, another Merseyside derby would be fun.

Anyway, I just came by this article in a website -- Capello had said to some youth player to not to become like Steven Gerrard, regarding the assault charge. I'm freaking pissed! How could he said that to one of his best midfielder? It sounded like he's already calling Stevie a criminal, without a proper proof that Stevie was guilty in the incident.

Bodoh la Capello ni. I never liked him since the first time. Ugh.

* and I wanna apologize to some blogger's name mistake I did on my last post. already fixed it though! maybe I don't need to explain hehe.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Torres-Gerrard partnership strikes again!

Preston down, we're through the 4th round! I want this cup quite badly. But not as bad as the PL. But still, Liverpool didn't make quite a record of FA cup titles -- winning 7 cups, behind Tottenham (which is the 3rd team with most FA cup titles.. I think).

Liverpool played good, but at early and last minutes, they kinda laid back and gave the ball away to Preston. Riera's AMAZING. GOD, I think I admire him too much. Look at that solo effort on that goal! No wonder Babel is no longer our first choice to play the left wing. Talk about Babel, what's up with him lately? Such poor performance. Main terabur. Maybe he was desperate to prove that he's just as good. And don't let me start on Robert David Keane. I guess I want to call what UtusanLFC call him now, 'King of Misses' :D Kaki dia saloh adjust sokmo.

And it's back with our most favorite partnership of all time, the Torres-Gerrard partnership! Killer! I seriously want to see the old formation now, 4-4-1-1.. or 4-5-1. Where Torres and Gerrard always find a way to score! Stevie was so generous on that 2nd goal. How on earth did he see Nando making that run? I mean if Stevie scored, it would sort of distract people from talking bout the jail incident. But he didn't care, as long as Liverpool get that second goal, surely. Awww my captain :)

So I'm worrying about Xabi now! Thank god we have much improved Lucas. We can still play 4-4-1-1! :D

Okay, school's starting tomorrow. So.. have fun -___-