Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheating blokes in purple 2 - 0 Liverpool

I figure starting to write the post before the match ends will let me eat my supper sooner. We are losing anyways.

Well, well. Look at that formation our gaffer had set up for today. I have no problem about the formation, I have problem on the player that was given the job of left midfield. Aurelio was playing midfield all suddenly! I was glad enough that Aurelio is back on the starting line-up but, who are we kidding, Rafa? We adored Aurelio for his defensive works. Few times we saw him getting deeper, thus a few times he had to remind himself that he has to play more forward.

That's not our main problem though. Gerrard wasn't himself too. And Lucas. What need I say more about his boy? I thought he already got his game for his good performances on the last two or three matches but, he performed awfully today so we all know now that Mascherano was the one we need to guide the midfield.

But all I want to blame today is the referee and those cheating blokes in purple shirts.

In the end, no luck for us today. It is okay because this is only a group stage and we were playing away. But it is not acceptable because we had full squad, we thrashed Hull, and we're going against Chelsea this Sunday. Great, Chelsea would have confidence now. Considering they lost their last match.

Oh, darn it.

That's all lah. Sorry for not posting on the last match! I was away and I just watched the replay today. Agree to whatever y'all said.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shaky, unconvincing 3-2 victory.

And I'd have to say, entertaining. But the game was so nail-biting I forgot to enjoy it haha. Anyways, thank God I'll have a good raya tomorrow! WE will have a good raya. All my uncles are 'Pool fans too.

So.. I thought we'll gonna whip another 4-0 but, maybe it is a God's test to Liverpool fans who are about to get mocked by their cousins by their narrow win and stuff. Kyrgiakos being sidelined again. Aurelio didn't start and Agger is still not fully recovered. Carra looks especially shaky today and Skrtel makes more unnecessary tackles than ever. Insua is okay, but he should never try to shoot for goal. So many flaws in our defence, it makes us concede too easily. Especially on set pieces or counter attack. But Glen Johnson, for the win baby, for the WIN.

But it's back to my favourite 4-4-1-1 formation, only with Lucas on so, I'm not convinced. Although he'd been highly rated in the last two games, I'm still looking for that consistency. And this game? Just proved he still needs time to work on that Alonso role. But he didn't make that many silly mistakes as he used to though. Steven Gerrard looked rather lazy but even with his laziness, always managed to lead with style.

Fernando Torres' solo effort is sick as shite! He was unfortunate not to get his hat trick though. But he's among the top scorers now so, that's all I can ask for my pretty boy now ain't it? Harharhar. Last but not least, West Ham nasibbbbbb je goal. Penalty pun tak betul.

Haa that's all I had to say. If you're wondering why am I wasting my raya night here and why am I not playing mercun with cousins like every other kids, it is because I'm at home and my kampung is just 15 minutes away so we always go there at pagi raya. Lucky lucky me.

So tomorrow, big big derby match between City and United. I don't know who I'd want to lose more though. Either side, I'll be happy. Bye everyone, have a nice raya! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I think 4 is my favourite number

So peeps, another 4-0 in the bag. Back to the winning ways, thanks to Abang Yahudi kita, Yossi Benayoun. He's probably our most underrated player, eh?

So Rafa decided to change the formation. Stevie is going back to midfield and we have two left wingers on, so Riera probably was supposed to support Torres on the left. But anyhows, Benayoun outshined him. The formation doesn't work for Riera, I guess. Torres was kept quite by his markmen, although he made a few awesome runs. He was involved in one of the goal too.

Well, well. Look who performed too last night. Lucas Leiva. Despite a few silly mistakes, gotta admit he did a pretty good job in the midfield. Why can't you be as consistent, Lucas? Rafa awarded him as 'key player' last night. There's something fishy about those two..

Dirk Kuyt is everywhere as usual. I was bumped not to see Aurelio though. We could've scored more with his superb curling free kicks! But Insua was a pretty good lad too, so..

So the Mancs won big. I don't know who I want to see losing more, United or Spurs. But having United to lose two games too could've shut them up. Anyways, they proved that Spurs just can't simply break the top four. But Man City is a threat though. Gila belasah Arsenal. But they were lucky Arsenal's key player, Arshavin wasn't playing. Haih I so want the Man City to lose anytime soon. And so is Chelsea. Who was almost losing too. Takpe lah Arsenal, your chance to win the title is as much as us now, ain't it? :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well well, look who's here to give some reviews. I can't help to not to be quite about the United-Arsenal match. School today has shown the jerks that've always been in every Manchester United's fans. They bashed the Arsenal's fans for some narrow and unimpressive win! Face it, Arsenal's sloppy own goal and a Rooney's dive only the ones that helped United to win that match. They were lucky Fabregas wasn't available to play. If only Arsenal had a bit more luck, they would've OWNED Man United BIG TIME. Arsenal were the better side all the way. But of course, I couldn't do a thing to defend those poor Gunners' fans because I know the outcome of doing that. "Eleh Liverpool kalah dengan Villa n Tottenham nak cakap banyak pulakkk"

It's international break now and it's a good thing because then it will be in time until Fabio Aurelio is available to play again! Although Aquilani is still recovering :(

Just imagine when all the players are available to play.. 4-4-1-1 with Aurelio-Carra-Agger/Skrtel-Johnson on the defence, Riera/Benayoun-Masch-Aquilani-Kuyt in mids and Gerrard as the attacking midfield and Torres up front of him. Wahhhh gilaaa triumph la wei! It's only a matter of time people, watch out!

That's all fer now. I won't be able to post reviews on the upcoming international matches. I'll be off doing my SPM trials. Wish me luck :|