Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top of the table clash, and we already top it.

Posting this post doesn't mean I am less excited now, I still am! Until I see the faces of Blues in my class tomorrow, I'd be more than satisfied. What I have to say now, sorry Liverpool, I doubted you. I shall have more faith now. Together we're getting our hands on the 12th cup! Hahahaha. I sounded like a Power Ranger.

Anyway. What a game, Reds! That was like the best game I've ever seen! We all know that Chelsea-Liverpool would be a very fast game. The classic EPL. But throughout Liverpool conquered Stamford Bridge! Everybody should be man-of-the-match. Well it's true they say, records are meant to be broken. Sorry Chels, I guess Stamford Bridge is not the strongest fortress anymore.

Thanks to Alonso's effort. And his free kick shot that hit the post was brilliant too. It should've gone in. The referee, is another case. He loves to play cards doesn't he? I really disagree on his decision on Gerrard's yellow card. Bapak kemas Gerrard punya tackle, dia nak kasi yellow card. Apelahhh. Harap AirAsia je kat lengan baju ahaa. But I was right about Mascherano's getting a yellow card! Not that I'm happy. Haha.

Actually there's too much to say about this match. But I forgot all of them because I delayed my post time. Haha. And that's another reason why I need to post early, UtusanLFC.

Once again Liverpool had brighten up my day. Ohh we love you Liverpool. All we need is the love from you.

of The Beatles and Liverpool.

Thank god I wore this today

Reds faces the Blues and I'm not ready to get the blues.

Honestly, if we ever finish up with a point I'd be fairly happy. I mean look at Chelsea, they beat people really bad. And with Liverpool relying on luck these days, it'd be so hard to face a very good team. Scolari's an excellent manager. He managed to rebuild an unstable team. He makes use of all the players that hadn't made the starting line ups last season. And all the players didn't just play, but really enjoyed doing it. Yeah I remember when Chelsea played Malaysia, I was there watching Joe Cole just 5 metres away. And I shouted Deco's name everytime he took a corner. But though, I was wearing a black t-shirt and yellow pants haha. Sokong hitam kuning la weh! :D

My prediction would be 2-0 to Chelsea. With a yellow card to Mascherano. It's good that Manure drew. So it looks like our other rival other than Chelsea is Hull City -_-
When we play them, we'll beat them hard okay? YNWA. ;D

Friday, October 24, 2008

there are places i remember

Well the title had nothing to do with this post. I just love this Beatles song. Reminds me of.. Liverpool :D

So I just came back from Langkawi. VERY tiring. I was going to miss the Wigan match on last weekend, so there I was at my dormitory, calling my friends asking how Liverpool was doing. I was very tired and sleepy that time, but when they said Liverpool is losing 2-1, I couldn't sleep! Haha. But the last sms from them that night just brought me a big smile :) So I heard Kuyt was the hero, but Liverpool really needed to step up. I hope they'll begin to really realize that consistency is vital. Go ahead, beat someone 5-0, and people won't hesitate us for the title.

I wish there's a replay though. I want to curse Amir Zaki for that impossible shot :D He's good, really good. Top scorer of EPL now, I think? And look, someone's in the stands ;)

Torres and girlfriend, Olalla :)

Well now, the Atleti kick off. A draw. First half was entertaining like people expected the match to be. But the second half, Gerrard's off Aguero's on. Main terabur, Keane missed a golden chance. Atleti began to attack, got the equaliser, held. I can't say much about the match. I had to have my Physics books on my lap (ugh). Reina was really impressive, since he's playing his dad's club. But overall, this match doesn't seem too important for me anymore because of the Torres turndown :( A draw is nice, at least we got a point. We'll meet again at Anfield, Atleti. A warm 'welcome' for you.

Friday, October 17, 2008

poor boy Fernando

First the stadium ban, and now he's injured? Seems like something's always on the way for Torres' reunion with Atletico. He's out for at least 10 days. He's gonna miss the Atletico match AND the Chelsea match. We're playing at Stamford Bridge laa! Who's gonna score for us?! Now winning needs miracle. Prediction : 0-0

and err.. 3 shots on target from Gerrard :D

* Off to Langkawi!

Monday, October 13, 2008

too many reds

This blog is just to fill up my time. OKAY I know I supposed to write about the England match now I'm sorry I just watched until Ferdumbdinand's goal cause I fell asleep again. Sorry England I don't know where's my passion for you anymore! Hahaa. I went to bed feeling guilty looking at my pillow which says ENGLAND largely on it. So enough about England, they won it 5-1 so it's a good thing that doesn't need attention haha. Congrats to Spain too, I watched your match, good job.

Dah la pasal World Cup. Oh I made this poll about 'who's the best 70's legends there were', and about 3 of my friends voted. But I removed it cause I think I can't even decide myself haha. I can't even decide which player to include actually, I wish I can put them all! Haha.

By the wayy, I found a blog from a Singapore dude and apparently he's been writing Liverpool blogs since quite some time, so he has many linkies. After clicking link to link, I realize that there's too many people who write like me and I'm too lazy to link it all haha. So I just managed to link 2 of 100 more.

I don't have too much time to read all those blogs anyway. I gotta study some shits since final exam is coming. And I have to sit for some papers early cause I have this Sony photography thingy to do. And I won't have time to blog about Wigan or England. I don't know why I even bother to tell you these stuff haha. Ok lah bye.

Monday, October 6, 2008

kings of comebacks

Just how many curse words did I shout at the first half? Haha well my mum doesn't really seem to care. I'm always the one shouting when I'm watching football anyway. But I was doing my homework at the same time (major desperation), so I don't really know the tactics or formations or who-mark-who. I was just listening to the commentator and whenever he shouts, I look up. And boy, how many times did he shout Riera's name? The new lad's really good. Too bad he wasn't getting much credit on the newspaper or our two guys' blogs (yeah this is referring to Kajang Today and Utusan LFC). Well what the hell I'm going to give Riera credits here :D

Stephen Ireland scored because he is the man being at the right place at the right time. I like Ireland, he's good. Probably one of my favorite footballers. And who's that Garrido? He scored a good curler as well. Robinho doesn't make any impact at all through out the match haha. In your face!

And oh okay about Kuyt's case. Okay he probably sucked yesterday, but all that blinded by his winning goal doesn't it? But yes I admit, I went 'oh god, kuyt' a lot of times. He missed chances. He did suck bad, but no I won't say he's a dickhead. He still gets his first PL goal in 11 months anyway haha.

Now about our herooo, Fernando Torres! He's always a saviour. I accidently tossed my pencil when he equalised. He's such a good header. Though he missed one clear shot to make him a hatrick hero. And I went 'that one clear shot! what if we don't get any of that until the time's over? oh boy, Torres'. But we did didn't we? ;D

But when we were 2-0 down, I know we're going to fightback. At least for a draw. I know I have high hopes, but that sorta come to me. Oh well, I have an LFC soul kan (HAHA).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rafa's 250th, Stevie's 100th, Robbie's first.

Quite an important highlight of the season isn't it? For some reason I think Liverpool put a lot of brilliant skills last night. A lot of times I was like, 'oh how did they do that?' and, 'oh my god, the ball went through?' and, 'blimey, lovely flicks!'. I just want to talk about goals today. At the 4th minute, Kuyt scored. Actually the keeper should've done better. But Torres should've scored there, lucky je goalkeeper dapat sepak hehe. And the goal was Liverpool's 100th goal in the European Cup under Rafa Benitez. Hah banyak betul record.

Next, is Robbie Keane's first goal for Liverpool. Oh I know he would score tonight! It's been too long for a striker. It was produced by a smart cross from Fernando Torres. Possibly lucky, but heck, it was a goal to the near post.

And of course, Stevie's signature free kick, made him to have scored century of goals for Liverpool. Smartly taken, what a way to score your 100th, in front of the Kop and the Kopites. All hail our Captain Fantastic :)

PSV played horrible though. I think there's only one player who's actually playing, Nordin Amrabat. I don't know any other player other than him haha. Anyway. Selamat Hari Raya, Nordin. Tak balik kampung ke? Haha.

But though, we did concede one goal, that has made Atletico to top the group stage. But tak kesah lah, nanti kalah jugok dengan Liverpool. Haha confident je. Ok lah. I think I'm getting fat. Makan rendang 3 kali sehari, lemang dua batang kot, nasi dagang lagi. Haha who cares, raya dulu! Ok lah. People started to complain already looking at how I spend the time in front of the comp during raya. Byebye.