Friday, February 27, 2009

the Real deal

Well done, Reds! Haha I was very sure that we'll win. It's always a dream to watch Liverpool vs Real. Reina vs Casillas, Torres vs Raul, Ramos, Arbeloa, Xabi, ahh Spanish galore! But isn't Liverpool more Spanish than Real? =.=

Anyway, Real dominated the first half. They controlled the game more but nothing close to scoring, having Reina being so alert in guarding the goal. Pepe is one of my favorite player. He man-marked Torres, and I guess he did a pretty good job. Torres susah betul nak dapat bola. Ramos with his familiar movement, conquering the whole right side of the field. Casillas was once challenged by a long range effort from Xabi. Nasib baik Casillas jaga tuuu kalau tak masuk daa. Haha. And Robben hates Liverpool, so why bother talking about him haha.

Skrtel, Arbeloa, Carra all did a very good job at defending. Hah nasib baik takde Nistelrooy! Xabi and Masch kept the possesion secure, excellent header by Benayoun, and all my credits goes to Aurelio! Definitely Man of the Match for me.

No number 10 for your trophy rack, Real.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Liverpool 1 - 1 Manchester City

Whoa the title gets all blurry now. Sedihnya :(

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spain does it again

Well actually, England did better than I thought. Especially Wright Phillips and Becks, wowowow. If Stevie and Rooney was playing, I think England would be a tough match for Spain. England actually dominated the first ten minutes I think, and Spain's defence looked weak for once. But Puyol wasn't playing so..

Fernando Torres spent a quite night yesterday, which is good. Hehe. I gasped a few times when seeing him being tackled, oh how I wish he got substituted after like, 20 minutes of playing haha. But that's sort of selfish of fellow Liverpool fans like us huh. Torres really enjoyed playing for Spain. And so does every Spanish reds. Anyway, I knew I said I was fully on Spain's side in my last post, but that was just my hatred to Capello yang suka kutuk Gerrard. Of course I'm still supporting England. I love all of the players and of course I'll be supporting both countries for World Cup.

I want to talk about other friendly matches, but I don't. Read it on ahah byebye =.=

Apehal la Ramos bermanja dengan Capello

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pompey 2 - 3 Liverpool

'P' for phew. At some point we thought we were going to end up with a draw again. Abang Hensem to the rescue again. Thank god we had some luck. And also thanks to our ex-striker, Peter Crouch, who gave that backpass which provide us with the opener (I just knew there's a rule like that by the way hehe). Aurelio, Aurelio. He gave us some goddamn splendid performance yesterday. A very good free kick as well. Bravo!

Babel's miss was sort of familiar huh? Haha. What happened to our old Ryan Babel? He used to be called as the super sub, our secret weapon. And now, he's a super flop. Ngog is just lampi as always. So since we won, I'd say it is a very exciting match haha.

Well thank God, Rafa's freakin weird Rafalution worked out well. What if Plan A didn't work, Rafa?

Who's watching Spain vs England? It would've been a very interesting match if Stevie is playing. But since he's not, I'm fully on Spain's side! Let's hope Torres makes the hat-trick. Bahahaha. Crush you, Capello.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Huh baru 3 hari bangga kalahkan Chelsea, sekarang kena balik. Hari tu bangga jalan kat sekolah macam red carpet, pagi tadi jalan tutup muka sambil kedengaran orang menjerit-jerit 'woii ape kalah 1-0 niii? hahahaa'. Haihh. Well, we can't get all the good things in life, can we?

Aiyo abang hensemm, kenapa off form sangat nii? Sedih la tu boyfriend dia tak main. First touch terabur, bila dah jatuh buat-buat sakit pulak. Buat orang cuak saje. Aih Torres =.=

I think the turning point was Stevie's subtitution. Well not like really turn, but did change the way we played a little bit. Hai kurang ajar je Everton fans bersorak sorak bila Gerrard kuar. We still dominated the first 90 minutes, but in the extra time, we were dreadful. Everton played better and they had better chances. So it wouldn't be fair if they didn't win it, I guess. A very good goal from Gosling.

Lucas' challenge was stupid, period. When are we going to see some consistency in him?

Yes, I'm upset that we lost. But what I'm actually upset of is Stevie's absence in the next.. what, 3 games at least? Let's hope he'll be fit for Real Madrid's clash.

Semangat kejiranan diperlukan, THRASH MANCHESTER UNITED!

Monday, February 2, 2009

We're still in business, devils

Fernando Jose Torres Sanz 2 - 0 Chelsea

Hahahaa faith always pay huh guys? Awesomeee play by fellow Reds yesterday. Of course, it was our favorite 4-4-1-1 formation. Aurelio should be our best guy for the match yesterday, and Skrtel. Ohh defends just played well.

Masch's been doing some good (and harsh) tackling as always, Stevie DID dive (not that I'm suprised haha), and Xabi should be thanked for his innocent face and for being oh-so-gentleman as always seen from everyone's eyes, making Mike Riley turned to Fat Frankie as the bad guy. Haha. But the match WAS a bit boring without Lampard. I like him. And Kuyt's been very busy moving the ball around. But sometimes his 'sense of urgency' just turn into plain clumsiness.

And uhm, Bosingwa's kick at the end of the match on Yossi's butt actually amused me, real hard. Buat muka selamba pastu blah. Hahaha.

And finally, the goal. I was just starting up the Add Math homework from where I left it since I was already sure that it's going to be another goalless draw and Manu fans already been buzzing my phone, cheering on how they'll lift up the cup again. And there you go, I looked at the screen and Torres already jumped high for a header and somehow the ball went through the net. Saya pun apa lagi, baling pensel dan menjerit macam orang gilaa. Hahaha. Aduiyai. Rasa nak join je diorg lompat atas Torres hahah. I went all high and the second goal just made me the happiest person in the world.

Pagi tu, pergi sekolah macam jalan atas RED CARPET wo. The guys all made the tak puas hati face, and some cheered and some went shouting 'NASIBBBB! BODO LA ALONSO!! REF MCM TAIK!'

Hahahaha. Should I bother? You already suck, Chels.

<-- Me and Nadia sat like Torres did here all proudly during the assembly. Few 'pffffffft' can be heard. It's soo amusing.

And we're still in business, Manchester United. Still in and on.