Wednesday, May 21, 2008

okay, so Man United won again

First of all, I don't support any team. The best team wins.

So anyway,

One word for Chelsea, stupid.

Face it, Chelsea played reaally well. They are more likely to win that match.
Not until Drogba was red carded. COME ON! Stupid thing to do, Didier.
I couldn't be pissed off enough.

I think the match was okay. Lots of arguments, attacks, injuries. Okay what am I saying, I slept at some points. Boring match. I didn't even know Drogba was red carded until Zaid told me. Haha.

So the goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo bla bla lets skip this part.. and Fat Frank! Gol nasib je sebenarnye. Haha. Sloppy work from Ferdinand.

So lets skip Drogba's red card part because I obviously don't have any freaking idea of what happened because I fell asleep.

NOW the penalty shoot-out. This is the part where I want to curse so badly, and want to cheer so badly! Haha. Lets cheer for our Ronnie the hero who missed a penalty! Again! Third time this season! Haha Haha Haha. Now the cursing part (but I didn't really curse because I barely do), JOHN TERRY! Ohmygod what a massive massive turn down! Just two seconds ahead and Chelsea could have won their first Champions League title! I really really thought that was their glorious moment. That was worse than Riise's own goal! GOD! It was THIS close for me not to see Van der Saar's happy and proud face for some average performance. And now I see the less regreted face of Ronaldo. It could have been his face crying on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow.

So now it's ManU who won it. I'd have to say, the best team in the world. They won two titles now this season. Nothing hurts more to my ears than hearing the fans of Red Devils screaming and pretending to lift the cup and bragging and.. you got the idea. They would equalise Liverpool's record of most English league title now. Eighteen. So Liverpool MUST win something next season.

Okay. So Chelsea fans just shut up. Don't blame your captain. Or your beloved striker. Don't blame anyone.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Man United's 10th title, Fernando Torres makes history

23rd goal yesterday during Spurs match in White Hart Lane. Putting him one goal ahead of Man U's legend Ruud van Nistelrooy in the record of the most goal scored by a foreigner in his first English season.

Pretty long record name huh? Alahhhh who cares my dearest Fernando Torres myamour broke a record! :D

I haven't watch the game yet since there's no live match in Astro. And my stupid Sopcast streaming didn't work. But I'm going to tonight! Torres pakai short sleeve semalam dow. Nampak tattoo woo :D Kene tengok lah kannnn? Hehe.

Oh speaking of live matches (haha this is probably the main reason I wrote this blog), just wanna say congratulations Man United players (not their fans). The club really really deserves it and hell, it's Fergie's 10th Premiere League title. When are you gonna retire, Ferguson?

To my favorite players - Tevez, Rooney, Park, Neville, Van der Sar, O'Shea, Hargreaves, ..uhh did I miss anyone? OF COURSE! Captain Giggs ;)
Enjoy your wild party and make sure no rapist is allowed HAHA.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chelsea Vs Liverpool; Champions League 2008

I thought it was a good, nail-biting match. To be honest, I predicted the score to be 2-0 to Chelsea but wahla! Liverpool did better than I thought :D

Tapi goal Drogba laju gile la, Reina is totally beaten by that. And I give credits to the Israeli (haha), Benayoun to make that run and pass the ball to Nando, so Liverpool had broken their Stamford Bridge curse under Rafa Benitez.

By the way, that offside goal yang Essien score tu, it wasn't offside la :|
Tapi Liverpool patut ada penalty satu, ref sikit lagi nak bagi tapi changed his mind bodo bodo. So I guess that makes it equal huh :D

Fernando Torres was taken off before extra time because of hamstring injury :(

Overall, Liverpool was THIS close to win. And they put Chelsea in a hard time in Stamford Bridge. But Chelsea bring their luck from Anfield to book their tickets to Moscow (I still don't blame Riise).

So it is Chelsea to the final to meet United. Cey, suke la tu first time final. Liverpool pergi banyak final pong takde la bising cam korang. Haha.

Anyways! Go beat United again Chels! Because they will surely win EPL and you're not gonna let them win both cup arent you :|
I mean, you know how Red Devils fans are like. Haha Haha :D

And to Reds fans, WALK ON.