Thursday, February 11, 2010

Arse 1 - 0 Liverpool

Small win for Arsenal. I wasn't that bothered that we didn't win. It's better Arsenal to win the title than Chelsea. But of course, we're in a fight for the fourth place. We just need to win against Man City. Good thing that Villa only managed a draw.

We dominated the first half of the game. I'm sure that we can get at least a goalless draw since we weren't really capable to score a goal. Haih, I miss Torres. Ngog is too slow! Maxi is a flop so far. Our defense is pure solid with Skrtel and Carra as the center backs but however, the minute after Carra was substituted, it killed the game. I know sooner or later Arsenal will score. And that's how we concede the only goal. No one was marking that man well.

For a team that is still struggling to be on the top form, we did okay. Better luck next time. I'm sure fourth place is ours.

(And we should've gotten that last minute penalty claim. Fabregas' pure evil handjob.. err)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Liverpool 1 - 0 Everton

What's important was 3 points, a clean sheet, and bragging rights. And we managed all three of them! We played good for a 10-men side. Of course this so-called friendly derby is no longer that friendly. Kyrgiakos didn't even deserve the red card. I'd say yellow card for both Kyrgiakos and Fellaini. It was an ugly match. I just hoped that Gerrard doesn't get injured!

We're still lacking that finishing part. Ngog is too slow. We were just lucky to get that goal. All thanks to the effort from the Dutchman. Mascherano's tackles had been vital, and Pepe Reina proven to be the best goalie in PL. He deserves that clean sheet!

But anyway, we're back into fourth! It feels like home really, to be in the top four again. Man City lost, Villa-Spurs draw.. everything falls right into place! We're gonna stay fourth for a while now. About Chelsea-Arsenal, I personally hoped for a Chelsea win. I just hope Chelsea wins it all, really. I'm losing faith in Arsenal and I just wish United don't win the title. It would be a disaster.