Monday, September 29, 2008

Bill Shankly, gone but not forgotten

Today is probably the most memorial day for all Liverpool fans now and then, the day of the death of the best manager of Liverpool there was, Bill Shankly. The entire football world stopped to pay their respects as the Reds bade an emotional farewell to the legendary Bill Shankly, who died at the age of just 68. It was an emotional thing for me, watching this one video a fan made on his successful days back then.

Shanks always has something to say. Like,

* 'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.'

* Shankly to the Brussels hotel clerk who queried his signing 'Anfield' as his address on the hotel register: 'But that's where I live.'

* 'The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they don't know the game.'

* 'I was only in the game for the love of football - and I wanted to bring back happiness to the people of Liverpool.'

And just showed how much he hated Everton,

* 'Sickness would not have kept me away from this one. If I'd been dead, I would have had them bring the casket to the ground, prop it up in the stands, and cut a hole in the lid.' - after beating Everton in the 1971 FA Cup semi-final

* 'In my time at Anfield we always said we had the best two teams on Merseyside - Liverpool and Liverpool reserves.'

To a local barber, who in 1968 had asked 'Anything off the top?' Shanks retorted: 'Aye, Everton!'

Bill Shankly just showed how much football is just as phenomenal as The Beatles-mania in Liverpool back in the 60's haha. It would've been great if he's still here with us. And people I ended this post with 2 lines from a Liverpool song,

Shankly is our hero, he showed us how to play.
The Mighty Reds of Europe are out to win today!

RIP, Bill Shankly.

toffee awws

Hahahaha semua tangan atas kepala

Sunday, September 28, 2008

torres derby for the merseyside derby

Yeah that's the way Liverpool roll! Awesome goals, opponent defenders looked busy, and Reina was not busy at all haha. All hail the feet of Fernando Torres, who is said to finally found his scoring boots. Sebelum ni Olalla bawak lari pergi sorok kat Spain kot haha. And Kuyt and Keane were the perfect partner for Torres, I mean ohmygod how many assists they had produced? Riera didn't really shine today. Keane played most of his part I guess. I watched the match at a cafe. Since my whole family went to terawih after berbuka at a hotel, so I asked them to drop me off there. (And by the way I'm not even fasting okay, don't get yourself wrong). But I didn't watch the first half. By the time I get to the cafe it is still nil-nil. Since I am very rabun, I got up the first seat right in front of the big screen. And all the guys who tak solat maghrib berkumpul belakang tengok bola are like, 'pehal budak ni amik seat depan, menghalang aku je'. Haha excuse me la I want to watch my dearest Torres. Aww rambut pendek hari ni. Extra hot and extra bad. Yellow carded tuu. Haha. Okay okay people get annoyed with this so lets get back to football. Torres should've scored his hatrick though, bola tu pulak offside. Hesh.

And the red card wasn't really deserved by Cahill I guess. But who cares la, eighth red card in last eight games is a pretty cool record haha. And aww Arsenal lost, and Chelsea did not. And no I don't want to talk about Manu. Alright time to bug those fasting people tengah bersahur.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bodoh punye ref!

We all know how the match goes. Stevie's brilliant free kick was disallowed by the stupid referee. I mean, if the ball DID touches Torres' or Kuyt's head, why did everyone ran to congratulate Stevie? Why not Torres, or Kuyt? That's whats stupid. However, Liverpool seems lack of finishings, and accuracy. Everytime they get the ball, it goes wide or off target. And how many shots they made again? 30! And 24 being off target! And just look at that possession, 74% to 26%! Hah! It's good that Chelski and Manu drawn. That made us on the third spot. Still, it could've been first! Bodoh punye ref.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Robert David Keane

Haha okay first of all, this post has nothing to do with Keane. But the first time I saw that name came out as a substitute, I was like, oh who the hell? We have that player? Haha. Anyway, this post is really about Marseille Liverpool. Steven Gerrard. Gerrard oh Gerrard. Could you just look at that shot and tell me that isn't stunning? Hah but we're used to see our captain do that kinds of miracle, aren't we? I won't talk much here. Main reason because I haven't read about post game analysis or reviews or whatsoever. Ugh I hate writing offline blogs. I have nothing to write!

But anyway, Cluj? Hahaha my classmates laughed off about Cluj playing against Roma. They jokingly predicted a win for Cluj. And whoa, are they good or what? HAHA.

p/s - doesn't Torres score anymore? =/

Saturday, September 13, 2008

7 years hoodoo's gone.

Okay my cheeks hurt after a whole night smiling and grinning. I mean, did we just won? Just like a dream! I predicted a lost after that Torres and Gerrard injury blow. Or a draw, at least. Now the match, of course just after 3 minutes, Manu scored a brilliant strike from Tevez with a help from a wonderful assist by Berbatov. Mascherano probably distracted for a while and forgot that Tevez is his responsibility to guard. And just after 3 minutes, we could see how this was going. And I just couldn't watch more. But hell of course I watched it anyway. But after a few minutes, we saw Liverpool progressing better and better. Riera played his part very well, and Mascherano, as good as always. A few strikes by Kuyt also lived up the game. But maybe Kuyt got used to his part as a winger and already forgot to strike like he used to haha.

After a few shouts, gasps and jumps, finally, BROWN! Hahahahaha. Van Der Sar failed to save the cross from.. I'm not sure, Kuyt maybe? And Brown just deflected the ball to his own net. Luckily it's Brown, I'd feel sorry if anyone else scored the own goal haha. If Ronaldo also I don't mind. Haha. And a few minutes before half time, Carrick was injured. And he is likely to be substituted after the first half.

Throughout the second half Liverpool were the better side. Riera played fantastic as a winger and Mascherano excellently played Gerrard's part. Oh talk about Gerrard, he was brought in and we could already see the impact he made. Looking at how Liverpool played, I know we deserved to win. And at 77th minute, Babel shoot a terrific strike! Thanks to Mascherano and Kuyt, for assisting the ball and passed it to Babel. There's no more chance for Manu to score an equaliser as the referee blown the whistle, and it's times up. And they ended up with a red card for Vidic for fouling Mascherano haha. Hai ref, caye sangat Mascherano tuuu. Die berlakon je, gigi je lebih hahaha.

Torres didn't even have to play and I think it's a good idea. Babel's the guy who can pass Manu's defence. But now the reds duo is doubtful for the Marseille clash. Ohh god. How I wish they can play. And of course, school's today never been better. With all the frustrated faces of the Red Devils fans, all them saying the most infamous word, 'nasib jeeee'. Hahaha we won by style okayyyy? ;D

Thursday, September 11, 2008

okay, maybe i can blog about england.

Hey I'm in mum's office. So I have like five minutes to blog, but since my mum is on the phone, I guess I could blab something quickly. Hah England! Can you see the big smile on my face? :D Ohh I'm so happy that England can finally show they're worth the World Cup! They finally thrash Croatia, since the dissapointing last defeat to them. I have nothing much to tell about the match, well of course it's boring. But there're goals. So they don't deserve to be said boring :D Okay what am I crapping. I seriously short of time here haha. Overall, I HAIL WALCOTT! The fastest man on earth! Muahh. Byebye!

p/s - new house is boring. and i have million news to read and hundreds of youtubes to watch -_-

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I can never blog about England

Well maybe one of the reason is that I always fall asleep watching their matches. Yes, I didn't watch the match. Haha. The reason I blog is because I'm bored. Since football is the only thing I can think of to talk about, I blog here. Okay so I supposed to talk about football now? Let's just give it a go. England, England. Another uninspiring first half. Capello didn't start his team with Wes Brown, Joe Cole and David Beckham. Though Walcott did give some problems to the home side with his pace and trickery. There's not so many chances, even though England was likely to be the stronger side. Rooney should done better with his shots. But it was a great pass to Joe Cole, helping him to score the second goal. First goal is also scored by Joe Cole. Produced from a free kick curler from Lampard, deflected by Lescott and then Joe Cole striked a great volley to take the lead.

Err how do I know all this? I read the news of course HAHA. But I watched the highlights in Youtube. Oh and, I watched Spain's match. Apparently my mum would freak the hell out if she sees me bringing my sahur meal in front of the tv, so I just managed to watch the second half. And Villa's goal is just insanely impossible! Oh and I came across Skrtel's goal vs Slovenia. Ohmygod would you just take a look at that shot? Sensational! Look through it in Youtube, someone will post a video of it eventually haha.

Well of course you know all the scores. So I won't blab about it here. Okay now I'm getting sleepy. I have to pack my things up today because I'm going to move out tomorrow. Guess what? No internet for two weeks! ;(

But I'll try my best to fit in a blog about Liverpool-United later. That's all lah. Byebyebye! Selamat berpuasa :)

Why Liverpool, Hidayah?

Okay, I get this a lot. Even during my oral session in class, the guys actually came to think that it's impossible for girls to like other club than Manchester United with the presence of THE Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course now, people started to give this annoying first impression to any girls who supports LFC is the ones who are crushing on Fernando Torres, the hottie that is finally recognized by girls who just trying to be smart about football, of course, if he hadn't score for the Euro final 2008, it would be a Fernando-who.

I don't mind now since my schoolmates knew I all craze about Liverpool since 2005. Yes, that's when Liverpool won their 5th Champions League Cup in Istanbul. I've been watching football since I was a little girl. My dad encouraged me a lot. But I only watch the local football. That is, when Pahang was THE best team in Malaysia leagues. My dad used to bring me to the stadium quite often. But when Pahang began to suck, I gave up watching football and started to watch Sailormoon again.

But my interest in watching the sports didn't really stop. I watch the World Cup, and I watch Chelsea's and United's matches sometimes. By those time I knew Manchester United and Chelsea were the 'it' club. But still it didn't really bring me to the idea of being a fanatic. I didn't even know how offsides are counted. Haha. But then one day, my sister told me there's this big match between Liverpool and AC Milan. And my all Liverpool uncles were up to the match. I was like, okayyy, what's the big deal? Wth, just watch it. And I watched it until the last whistle, and the penalty shoot out. Looking at how Steven Gerrard, inspired the team to keep going. And all the players, with the spirit and believe that they can still win it, and never give up. And Jerzy Dudek, with his mind all focused on the match. And the people, even though they were likely to be beaten, they never gave up on the team, they kept singing for them and just stand behind the team. And then there it was, the best team had won it. Oh how these things really touched me in the heart!

Since then, I've been a Red. I learnt their songs, watched the matches, learnt their fantastic histories and here I am, a major fanatic. And how great is it that The Beatles is Liverpool's local band? Another asset of Liverpool, I guess HAHA. Steven Gerrard has been my all time favorite player, and of course, still is. Though he should smile more. Fernando Torres is my second, since he's the major hottie here! And oh, I love Mascherano but can he just go to the dentist more often? HAHA sounds familiar? Hey we girls can't get away with those. Nature's call.

Okay, I think that answers your questions, YNWA :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Liverpool vs Man Utd - the pre-verdict

Negative thoughts;

  • Torres is suffering with a hamstring injury and is out for 3 weeks
  • Gerrard is undergoing an operation
  • Berbatov is officially a Man United's player
  • Rafa is using Keane as a winger
  • We're playing at Anfield, a lost would be shameful.

Positive thoughts;

  • Torres won't score anyway. Ferdinand will keep him lock, and Torres falls down too easily.
  • Gerrard promised he'll be back for United clash
  • Ronaldo is out, and I like Berbatov
  • New boy Riera will play winger, Keane will be playing up front
  • We're playing at Anfield - it's our fortress.

Chances of winning - 40%. HAHA.

This makes me cry

Recently, Riise sent an open letter to the Liverpool fans from all over the world.

Dear fans of Liverpool FC,

After seven seasons at Anfield, it's time for me to "walk on". In many ways it feels inspiring and exciting to be familiar with the pressure of a new employer, meet new fans, meet a new culture and play a new kind of football. I look forward to this new adventure, but I travel with a loss.

Because, it's not easy for me to leave you - the world's best supporters! I've been thinking about this almost every day this summer. After seven wonderful seasons, and more than 340 matches for Liverpool, I never had the opportunity to make a real and proper goodbye with you - the world's most motivating fans. You have always supported me and the team and I want you all to know how important you've been to me and the other players.

I've been giving my "thank you" to the club, the staff and the players and they'll always have a special place in my heart. And this is my thank-you letter to all the fans out there that have been supporting me during these years. I will follow the team closely from Italy and will stay in touch with many of the players and many of my friends in Liverpool.

With respect to the many hundreds of great moments I have experienced in red, it will be unfair to draw up one highlight rather than another. There has always been the highlight of wearing the red shirt at Anfield. It's always been a privilege to have the initials LFC on the space closest to the heart. As you all know I was a player who always, no matter what, gave 110 per cent in every training session and every game. I always tried to give you the entertainment you deserved. Even in the bad moments you were there for me and the team.

To play in front of the red crowd, every minute has been a privilege. Even after my unfortunate own goal against Chelsea in the Champions League semi last April - where all our dreams were crushed - I felt the support and sympathies from you as real and important. When I signed seven years ago, I couldn't in my wildest dreams expect the journey you all gave me. I will always be grateful for that. A big thank-you to you all.

I'm 100 per cent sincere when I say that I will always remember all the great moments we've had and you - our fans - have such great importance for these great matches and great moments. Liverpool FC will have a lot more great moments like this in the future and I hope that I will experience great things with my new team - AS Roma. I hope you will continue to follow my career.

Therefore, I do not say goodbye, but so long. Arrivederci - Walk on!

John Arne Riise
"The ginger".

We all wish you luck, Riise. You're always a Red to our hearts :)

Monday, September 1, 2008


Aston Villa vs Liverpool. I really have nothing to say. We were boring, and we were playing some.. weird tactics. When it comes to the Rafa code, I seriously lost. Our strikers are not good wingers! We have Babel, we have Benayoun. Why gave the job away to Keane? But Keane and Xabi does give some good impacts. So is Mascherano, and Carra. Torres didn't even get any touch to the ball before he was off. He was left a striker playing solo. We need Keane to assist him through! But Torres is suffering with hamstring injury now. Lets hope he'd make it to Man U's clash. Even better, Spain's world cup qualifier rounds.