Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5-1 wowow

When we played good, and scores a lot, then I'd have nothing to say. This should be our best way to end the year 2008. I don't care about watching fireworks now, because I already saw the sparks from the goals of the Reds. Nice workkkk everybody! Oh I loveee my Captain Fantastic! ..even if he goes to jail -___-

I got my last wishes, now bring me the jailll!

Have a very Red new year everyone!

*get out soon, Stevie.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yeay pen down another clean sheet in Reina's book cause we have won 3-0! Wooo what a night to all Kop fans at Anfield. A very nice work from all Liverpool players last night. Not one single of them has been rated below 6 according to Goal.com. I was kinda tired last night so I don't really know who performed the best. Anyway, with Keane keeps scoring now I think we don't have to urge much on buying a new striker. But pity for him not to have his well deserved hatrick.

It was the best Liverpool performance overall. Reina could as well just sit on the bench and let Liverpool defends do their work cause Bolton just sucked. Haha.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Hold your guns its Christmas!

Can someone explain to me what's going on with our usual gray shorts? Is this the kit manager's fault to have brought the wrong shorts? Is it about the trend of red skinnies going on? Or is it just Christmas? Hahaha I can't help but to get cracked up watching that kit. After 15 minutes I was still giggling. Note to Liverpool, don't use that mix and match thing again, okay? People are not going to take you seriously -_-

Anyway, a draw is even stevens. The game was biased to Liverpool the whole time. It was misery for Arsenal. Adebayor was sent off and the captain's injured. And lots of yellow cards. But hey, you can't always blame Liverpool for that. The ref was just easily fooled. Hahaha.

Wtf? The ref actually fall for that? BAHAHA

I wasn't in any mood of cheering after all that. But after Arsenal went all wrong, Liverpool also went wrong. A few close shots, and Gerrard should've scored two goals there. But we weren't attacking much. Arsenal keeps pressuring and attacking, Liverpool went all terabur. I blame the red shorts.

Keane is finally a saviour. And all hail our man-of-the-match, Insua! Haha he's so getting into the first team.

Whatever happens at Goodison tonight. (KALAH KALAH KALAH Chelseaaa bahahaha)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

what the Hull?

If only Liverpool scored another one. When we were two-nil down, I hesitated if we ever fight back. But then there comes our Captain Fantastic, saving the day again. The way we played is excellent in the first half. But the second half just lacked of the X-factor. I don't really know what. Hahaha.

Then when it was 2-2 and we're heading to the 70th minute, I was still munching on my snack and expected a goal anytime after that. Hahaha. Adoi. Dossena is not really as good, I would prefer Insua as our left back. I don't agree the idea of playing Kuyt as a single striker though. He's more to a supporting player. Maybe Stevie play a better striker than he is. Why not eh? 4-3-2-1 -- Kuyt and Riera as the attacking midfields, Stevie as the single forward :D

.. Jokes

I guess we were unlucky. A couple of shots almost go through the net. Next stop, Arsenal. Adoiii Chelsea kalah laaaaa. Hesh.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ian Rush was here

Meant to do this posting a while ago. I heard some Anfield legends was coming down here on 7th Dec to play some football between other PL legends.

Some of the 80's and 90's Anfield legends that came - Mike Marsh, Paul Walsh, Paul Jones, Michael Thomas, Phil Babb, Mark Walters, John Durnin (played in Reserves), and most importantly -- IAN RUSH.

I swore if I knew Ian Rush was coming, I'd be there cheering for him. But I didn't, what a shame :( But a lot of Liverpool fans were there. Macam Anfield dah aku tengok. Hoho.

Turns out Liverpool Masters won the cup after all. And John Durnin -- who played for Liverpool Reserves -- won the golden boot. Hahah. Liverpool met United in the final -- old rivals. And we just proved that history is just going to be like it used to. Liverpool ruled again, beaten United just like they used to. Rush scored a couple of brilliant goals. He lead the team and lifted the trophy, something that he is used to haha.

I wonder why UtusanLFC and Kajang-Today never mentioned about this?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PSV Eindhoven 1 - 3 Liverpool

I have never really put the team's name and the score in my post title, haven't I? Haha. Anyway, everybody's saying that according to the weeeird Rafa's rotation last night, the gaffer doesn't even bother to top group D. But seriously, Riera played center midfield and N'gog as a deep striker. But what the hell, they won.

It was an above average performance. My credits goes to everyone. Lucas really proved himself, despite his promise to repay Rafa's faith in him. Riera also made a goal promise on this match, and there you got it. Amazing goal. I never thought that he's capable of scoring goals like that. But he's just amazingly skillful, creative and tactically intelligent -- typical Spanish player, but he has got pace.

Babel did good too. But he's been selfish at times. Keane made two awesome runs, but Babel took the goal attempts himself when Keane is actually in a good position to score. Keane did excellent today. Brilliant pass for N'gog for the third goal. Keane broke through a lot of defence, made some good runs, good passings, but he's just unlucky to get his goal this time. Too bad people judge his performance only looking at his goal tally.

And Lucas actually can make a really excellent long lob pass. It's really good to see. And the youth players -- well, I always love youth player. They're so fit and determine. Haha.

It's a good performance from Liverpool, especially on the 2nd half. Well Rafa's weird rotation worked after all. But really, PSV just suck haha. We'll see tonight which team might be our clash in the last 16. I really really really hope Real Madrid beat Zenit tonight -__-

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ahh i missed seeing lots of goals from liverpool

Finally, a 3-1 win. More than 2 goals from Liverpool. I haven't see that in a while. I'm proud to tell the news too. Haha. Anyway, first half was shit. But the defense was solid. We have Sami, Carra, Arbeloa and Insua. I have always adored Insua. I first watched him last season. Great lad. He's a better left back than Dossena. Well player that don't always play in the first team always show a great determination.

Talk about determination, Stevie looked rather lazy in the first half. He passed, and he walked away. Not that I'm complaining, it's kinda funny actually. But that's what I always adore about Stevie though, no matter how bad he played, he always came out of nowhere, lift up the team, and saved the day. Haha.

I talked to this junior in my school. She was excited that I'm a Torres fan. She said that she's a Pool fan. So I asked her who are her favorite players, and she said Torres, Dirk and Xabi. No Stevie. So I know she doesn't watch games a lot. Haha. I mean, which true Red fans doesn't put Stevie in their favorites?

Anyway back to the game, it's the same problem we had all along when we played the first half. Not we, the players. But we're the 12th man so what the heck? Ok, we still lacked of creativity.. and craft, as what John Dykes always say. We couldn't break the defence. But the second half, wow talk about change of tactics! Genius Rafa turned it into a well planned passing game and we had couple of chances already. And thus, it produced three awesome goals. My vote goes to Yossi's goal. Fantastico.

Chelsea won against Bolton and one of the goals was a clear offside. Arsenal, well they better win. Manu. Manu, Manu, Manu. 90+1 and Vidic saved the day. I watched the game. My friends were at Old Trafford that time. They won the trip in a futsal match sponsored by Milo. Shawn and Hanafi, awesome footballers. They're like, THE unbeatable duo in my school. They've got to meet and greet the players as well! Hanafi must be so teruja but Shawn well, he's a major anti-Manu. Haha. He's a gunner.

Manu deserved it. I mean, in the first half is like they played only on one side of the field, Manu's side. Still we're on top. Chelsea, draw some moreee!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

hamming, but where are the nails?!

Yes, today is a very miserable day. I refused to get out of bed until it's 3pm hah! And I'm invisible in my YM. Seeing the happy faces of Chelsea and United fans just make me wanna puke. But anyway, I read all the guys' blogs on the match and I managed to get a laugh today. They all seem so dejected, even more dejected than me hahah. I'm not into that point where I began to hallucinate or want to bang my head on the wall or just get soooooooooooo PISSED OFF.

But the players did well. Just not that good in front of the goal - and need to be more creative. It's just luck. We haven't got our luck this time. But we're still on top, and I'm sure Chelsea will get more slip ups. They're horrible now. Cheer up, and think positive! :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ronaldo heard a beep, and Chelsea failed to score

It was such a great entertainment we had last night. The Manchester derby, though Man United had won, which they're truly deserved to, I can still see an amusing red card. Not just because it's Cristiano Ronaldo, but also because of the reason he gets a red card. He thought he heard the whistle and so he stopped the ball using his hands? He got a clear chance to head the ball into the net and he is such a good player in the air, so why not just make a header although the whistle blew? It's not that he'll get a red card for that. Haha but kesian la, tengok muka dia cuak gila bila kena panggil ahah. Takpe, Fergie pun kena touchline ban in two matches ahead. So boleh duduk sama-sama dengan Fergie next match :)

And Hart's heart was beating fast when he had to race Rooney to the other side of the goal. Who would've thought Rooney would chip the ball in such distance? Haha. But luckily Hart managed to punch the ball away. And that ends an entertaining match.

'I heard a beep!'

Now Chelsea vs Arsenal, I love both of the teams but in this case, I'm dying to see Arsenal wins it! I have a good feeling though, and I always knew that Van Persie would score sooner or later. Chelsea's goal was fortunate, as Djourou made the goal. It would be a terrific slide though, if it wasn't to your own goal. Haha. But Djourou really improved on
the second half. That's whats good after making an own goal though, you'll really try to do a better performance to prove people wrong. Just like Riise after that own goal against Chelsea, the 2nd leg, he was terrific.

Another pink boots

So Chelsea had lost 3 times at Stamford Bridge this season. Haha what happened to your strongest fortress, dear Blues? Okay I won't talk much about this match, cause we are freakin ready to hammer down our name clear on the top spot so watch out Hammers bahahaha! (cakap besar)