Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stevie is the best footballer in the world

First of all, I do not hate Capello anymore, since he just agrees to Zinedine Zidane that Stevie is the most complete footballer there is. Well, everyone should agree on them. He's the best captain there is, he inspires his teammates, he has the aura that makes us feel secure whenever he's in our team, he shows good discipline on the pitch, he scores important goals, he can play any positions on the field, and that makes him the most complete footballer in the world.

Stevie will always be my number one favorite footballer. I really think he should win at least an award for Player of the Year this year. Maybe UEFA Footballer of the Year, again :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

lucky number 4 :)

I kissed the camera and I liked it


I'm posting a blog right away since I'm bored watching Arsenal and in front of my lappy.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 4-1? We won did we? Did we? Did we? Did we? Did we?

To be honest, I expected us to win. I'm quite suprised how everyone thinks United will thrash Liverpool. Well, we proved them wrong!

I love how Torres played today. I love how the defenders settled right away after the shocking line-up change. I love how Lucas didn't screw up today. I love how Kuyt always bring the ball forward. I love how Stevie captained the team. I love how Dossena is in his top form now.

Vidic made two terrible mistakes which provided us the two goals. Not his day. Rooney made too many mistakes. Tevez's been unlucky. Where the hell is Park. Poor Van Der Sar can't keep anymore continous clean sheets. He's been hit by 4! Haha. And Ronaldo just.. sucks. He never led the team anyway.

Haih too bad it's school holiday. I cannot walk the red carpet on Monday :(

Woo beat Chelsea twice, thrashed Manu at Old Trafford, top the toughest group in CL, thrashed Real by 5-0, the season has been very well. I'm already contented :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the Real deal - part 2

Lama tak crap pasal bolaaa. Sooo how did you guys enjoyed last night's game? The Reds was the most skillful I've ever seen them play. Gerrard's lookin more captain-y than ever. Simply adore how he dealt with things.

Hesh tak tau lahhh nak cakap pasal ape. Everyone was good. Tak tau nak kutuk ape. Kutuk Madrid lah haha. Heinze dan Pepe kesiannn kena sekali dengan Stevie and Torres. Ref pon asyik bagi foul diorang je hahaha. First 15 minutes, gila ah banyak gila chance. Cantik set up Liverpool buat. In the end, Casillas was the man in charge of the goal. Haih nasib baik Casillas jaga tuu kalau tak kena belasah 7-1 jugak Real ni haha. Poor Casillas, he didn't deserve to have conceded that many goals. Rasenye Casillas lagi penat daripada Raul tu hahaha.

Dossena dapat jugak satu goal. Bagi je lah, ok jugak dia main tadi. Anyway, the Reds played their best and if we can do it again at Old Trafford.. wow best.

We're going to the quarter finals! Err kita jumpa Inter lagi lah? Hahahahahaha go Abang Brahim!

Sunday, March 1, 2009