Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Villa 0 - 1 Liverpool

Phew, THAT was a relief. The table kept turning every point of the game. But I thought we dominated most of the time. Maybe a few mistakes by the ref against Villa but hey, if they want to blame the decisions, didn't we suppose to get a penalty in the first half of the game?

Torres could hardly see the ball throughout the game, but a chance was all he needed. Excellent trademark finish by Torres makes him a legendary striker in Liverpool in only two seasons and a half. But anyway, that 3 points over Villa was really really crucial.

Next is Spurs. It gets tougher, huh?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Liverpool 2 - 0 Wolves

Woohoo 3 points in the bag!

There's so much to talk about this match. By the way, it is the first time that I read Rafa's mind about the formation hehe. I was pretty confidence about the formation we were setting in. Well, in the first ten minutes we were dominating and I felt that this is going to last only in the first half. But the misery came sooner. After ten minutes, the players lost focus. We're lacking pace and kept losing the possession too many times.

Rafa was right at the beginning. Players lacked confidence. It wasn't a tactical error, it wasn't the referee. It was the players' mentalities that have been lacking through and through. I've been looking for that word that best describes the situation and until the commentator said it, now I know. It's FRAGILE. We're fragile. We may have started strongly and dominated at first but when something goes against us, we fall apart.

That's what I've been upset about. If us fans are putting so much faith and believe on the team, why can't the players? Isn't Gerrard supposed to be the inspiring captain that lifts up the team? While Torres loses his coolness every time he gets blocked or when the decision goes against him and all other players often lose focus and just go for the ball without thinking of what might work. That's how we're narrowing down the chances.

I've never been so emotional about the way it was until I saw fans in stadium started leaving before it was even half time. It is just heartbreaking to see. And that's when I thought, aren't we supposed to walk on rather than walk off? Come on, we're the 12th man! We're the best fans in the world! Lets say if other teams were in our situation, where everything goes against them in a long period of time. The fans would mock the team, leave the stadium with curses under their breath, and even go for a radical strike against the manager. Don't you think? We are handling this well and better than anyone else. So, keep walking on!

Well I haven't talk about the match yet. But, what the heck after half time, we're gaining confidence. The fans (left in the stadium) have been fantastic. Chanting songs, and cheered for every chances that the players made. And it's back to Captain Fantastic to inspire us again :)

The Villans are next!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pompey 2 - 0 Liverpool

Ahh, devastating. It's never a good feeling to write about a losing match. I missed the first half because I was having dinner outside. But I heard we kept on attacking and should've scored. But when I got home it's already 1-0 and I saw nobody played the midfield besides Gerrard. Then I knew that Mascherano had been given a red card. So, what went wrong? I'm not ever gonna watch a repeat of a losing match.

But what I know is that the formation was a bit different than the formation when we played Wigan. The second half was crappy. We kept losing possession. But I guess the lack of player was the one that causes it. We had a couple of good chances, but the keeper brilliantly saved both strikes. Apelah nasib.

Everyone is talking about Rafa's going to get sacked and blablabla. Truth is, I still trust Rafa in managing the team. He knows his players more than anyone. Maybe sometimes he made crazy decisions but I still trust him than anyone to manage the team. But I could be wrong.

Well what we can do now is just keep walking on. I know it's a long time ahead for the next match but hey, Manchester United just got thrashed by Fulham. That makes it a bit better, doesn't it?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Liverpool 2 - 1 Latics (finally)

Woohoo! We won! Sorry fer the late post though. I didn't get the chance to see the match live. My freakin hotel room didn't have ESPN on their tv. But I'm home now, and thank God there's a replay on midnight.

The first half, woowee who could've thought we could play like that! That's the Liverpool we used to know. At first I was a bit doubtful about the formation that puts Aurelio as a winger. And Torres didn't even start. But heck, we attacked and kept on passing. It was such a good match to watch. Mascherano was the playmaker besides Gerrard. He was pushing the team forward and helped to clear the danger at some times. Insua is improving and I won't mind at all if he becomes a regular. Benayoun was unlucky to not to get his goal, despite his clever runs. And finally I saw the idea of putting Aurelio as the winger. His smart crosses helped to create chances for the team a lot, in this case has lead to Ngog's goal. Ngog and Kuyt both had produce some beautiful strikes.

Torres' goal was uhh.. well deserved. Still, it was the goal that gave us the three points. I don't know how the heck we could concede a goal right at the 90th minute. It should never been allowed to happen. Reina is so short of clean sheets right now.

But anyways, I also heard that Malaysia are the football champions of South East Asia! Woohoo! Quite frustrated that I didn't get to see the match live. I only get live updates from the radio in the car. But I heard we kept on attacking and deserved to win. Congratulations Team Harimau Malaya! :)

* Have you heard? If we score the first goal vs Portsmouth this Saturday, we'll be scoring the 500th goal in EPL this season - which happens to be the record for fastest 500 goals in a season in EPL history! Lets hope we score! :D

Monday, December 14, 2009

Liverpool 1- 2 Arsenal

And I'm back to football blogging! Woo it's been like 10 matches since my last post. And since my last post, we've been drawing and losing more and more. Seriously, it's like we've been voodooed. Everything just went against us. We already lost our CL and PL title hopes. Both. Gone. Looks like I won't have so much fun watching football on my 6-month holiday.

Anyway.. it's back to the match. Lost again. We rocked that first half. Arsenal didn't have a chance on that ball. Not a smart goal but, a good effort by Kuyt.

But somehow I knew we're gonna flunk that second half. Just how many matches did we have the first lead and lost the match later on? Johnson's own goal.. yikes. He tried his best but, he just couldn't get on his feet and clear the ball. Told you we've been voodooed.

Arshavin punye goal smart aa. Malas nak comment haha. You rock lah Arshavin.

Ape ni Ref, badan je sasa, foul tak nak bagi!

Losing has been so immune to me and to all of us, I'm sure. We'll get over this sooner or later. So United had lost, Chelsea drawn, Spurs lost, we lost.. looks like the happiest fans this week should be the Gunners. Haih Arsenal kalau tak menang jugak PL tahun ni, tak tau laaa.

Okie dokie. Will write more soon. Bubyebyebye.