Tuesday, October 27, 2009

United fans can go ahead and play with your beach balls

Sorry fer the lack of new posts, guys! As you all know, SPM is just 3 weeks away so I am kind of restless right now. To be honest, Liverpool-United match was the first match I watched in full 90 minutes in the past 4 matches. Yes, I sacrificed watching football and my favorite blonde boy. I probably deserve better than good grades now. Hahaha.

Losing 4 matches in a row is such a depressing thing. I was feeling hopeless at some point that I didn't read on football news for the whole week. Good thing I had bigger things to focus on rather than football.

United match was so hard to resist. Everybody was talking about it so I can't help talking about it too. United fans in my school already started mocking on how we would lose and how Rafa would get sacked after that. Deep down I always knew we would win this match anyways.

And so we did! 4 losses in a row was put behind, and of course you can't help but to feel so triumphant when you beat Manchester United. I'm gonna hold on to the towels for now. If only we can keep winning and avoid many draws like other teams, we can actually get on top and win the title. But that's just me being over optimistic. Haha.

I shall not write for the upcoming matches for the next 2 months. But after that I'll pay attention to this blog again! Bye guys! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

In the blues


I thought we could've won. I have to admit it now - I fall asleep on the 30th minute.

I was so tired that day! The first 30 minutes - as far as I watched - Liverpool controlled the game. I know we would score at some point. Usually when our defenders are performing well, there is no way we could concede. We made a few breakthrough and we did come close to netting the goal.

And I woke up at 70th minute and saw the score was 1-0. My early assumption is that the goal should come from a penalty. And then come the second goal, and I forced myself to go back to sleep. I am pretty sure that Liverpool played well, and I was told that Reina did a number of remarkable saves. And so did that Chelsea keeper, Hilario. So now I have no idea who to blame or what is there to complain. Maybe it's the usual problems we're having, to get creative and to have someone else besides Lucas to control the midfield. But it is impossible for me to watch a repeat of a losing match.

Maybe no luck again this time. It's pretty depressing thinking that we already lost 3 matches, aite? That is more than the overall number of matches we lost on last season. Throwing the towels? No, not yet. Walk on!