Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bolton 2 - 3 Reds

Phew, my handsome captain to the rescue again! I should've never underestimated Bolton. Well to be exact, I should never overestimated us, for now at least. The first half passing terabur macam taik kambing jee. Salah siapa? Lucas jugak. After Torres scored, that's more like Liverpool we were waiting for. Well, almost.

The Hero and The Zero

Now, the new signing. I still need time to learn to pronounce his name.. and how to spell it. Anyways, he did okay for a debut. Of course he's nothing to compare to the brilliant Johnson but, he did okay I guess. At least he has stubs and his ponytail is not shining blonde. Well in the end, the 3 points is more important than the many points I collected in my Fantasy Premier League hehehe.

Now the United-Arsenal match. To be honest I didn't really know who I wanted to win but, after a few minutes watching the faces of those United scums, who am I kidding, of course I never wanted to watch Manchester United win. But Arsenal lost anyway so.. Chelsea and Spurs are the ones with a 100% wins now. Can't wait for Chelsea-Spurs clash later.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Champions League draw

Interesting draws! Especially the part where the two Spanish giants are clashing against two Italian giants. The non-EPL fans are all ticked off on the fact that the English Big Four are going against some minor third-rated teams bla bla bla but, I don't see how this outcome could've been some kind of a magic trick. Fair and square la.

So Liverpool are drawn against Fiorentina, Lyon, and Debrecen. To be honest, we are in a tougher group than Arsenal and Manchester United. But guess what Ferguson has said after the draw? "We have been handed a tough Champions League draw". Pfft. Liverpool have beaten that fricken' Besiktas 8-0 la wei (Babel was on hat trick on this one, wasn't it?). Still, Chelshite still needs to go against Atletico Madrid. Who have beaten us in the pre-season harhar.

Yeay we'll see you!

I've always adored Fiorentina's purple jerseys by the way. Imagine they'll play at home against us soon. It will be like, purple shirts vs black+gold shirts. Ahh pretty colors! :)

Hm anyways, I wonder why the guys at school are quiet about the Liverpool loss.. sebab bulan Ramadhan tak baik ejek orang eh? :|

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Pool 1 - 3 Villa.

I missed the first half because I overslept haha. But waking up seeing we're 2-0 down and with Torres' pretty face ruined by some kind of bruise just made me feel like going to sleep again. I watched the highlights at half time and we actually had a few good attacking moves. Of course it was all blocked by multiple number of white shirts in front of the goal. First goal was deflected through Lucas. Now what am I going to say again about this boy.. And the second goal was a lucky good header.

When Torres nets it the goal we knew that we could make a comeback. But we conceded a penalty right after we scored the goal. Oh well, there's always not much to blame when Stevie concede a penalty. Though he did look a bit clumsy throughout the second half. It's our two defenders who performed outstandingly -- Insua and Johnson. Always provided crosses and regain possession. Credits to Mascherano as well. Very good defensive job.

We had chances but we weren't lucky enough. Is this perhaps a God's test to a future Premier League title holder? Man United had a bad start on last season too. Hehe.

Reading you guys punya blog was less depressing than what I was gonna write at first. But now I think I'm gonna be more optimistic lah. Come on, Reds! WALK ON!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

4-0 sounds very familiar.

Happyyyyyy! Cheers to my effort for waking up in the middle of the night and searching for streaming links on the internet. It's easy when you have Twitter anyway, fans there just tend to share links. Thank God I found a good link. Though, after the second half viewers are increasing and thus the advert to 'upgrade to premium' came out every 20 seconds. Imagine how many times I had to refresh the page to get rid of it. Cheers to my effort to that as well.

Howeverrr, I didn't miss any of the goals except the first one because I only started watching at the 7th minute :( But saw the replay, typical Gerrard-Torres partnership la kann :D

After watching Johnson's performance in this and the previous match, all I want to do is to give full credits to Rafa for being such a genius to think that Johnson is capable in our team hehe. He showed such an impressive performance. He deserved his goal and what a breathtaking acrobatic bicycle-kick as well! The link up between him and Kuyt is very good. Though Rafa kept claiming that he bought Johnson to be more defensive, I think the team became more attacking with Johnson on the right. Ohh he played like Sergio Ramos, kan? Definitely in my Fantasy Premier League team lah after this :D

Kuyt's goal - full credits to my handsome captain! Gila babeng what a difficult turn he made. And Ngog.. right place at the right time. Johnson jugak yang cross bola! :D

Geez I put smileys at the end of every paragraph. Huh. Anyway, thank God this match came so quickly. Now we can forget that horrible defeat. Relishing the Anfield moments for it was another 4-0 to the mighty Reds!

And 1-0 to Burnley HAHAHAH. Haish tak boleh pulak nak ejek sebab dah kalah first game hari tu :|

Monday, August 17, 2009

2-1 to Spurs

Thank god we didn't keep him

So much on staying unbeaten till the end of the season. We already lost at the very start. I already had a bad feeling on this starting match against Spurs.

Face it - first match, White Hart Lane, Redknapp, 'Pool's poor pre-seasons, injured players, no Xabi, Lucas in

Both of Spurs' fouls in the box area after the first one are meant for penalty. Come on la, ref! Both goals from Spurs are scored through set pieces, which is very frustrating. Torres was very well-marked too. The match was a rough one. The clash between Carra and Skrtel sort of cost us. We clearly miss Xabi and his passes. Lucas was unable to keep our usual passing momentum thus Stevie had to go deeper to gain possession - leaving Torres out on his own.

Come on Rafa, a quick Rafalution is needed!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Groins groans

So have you guys heard? Steven Gerrard is out of England's upcoming match against Holland because of yet another groin injury. This is VERY worrying! We had poor results in preseasons and we're playing against Spurs this Saturday! Since the departure of Xabi Alonso and the newly signed Aquilani is still out injured, we'd have to depend on the inconsistent Lucas to guide the midfield.

Carra is still fighting over his ankle injury. It's the first home match of Spurs so they might get a little bit more eager to win. Ohhh god.

Please Kuyt, save the dayyy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm writing again

- I was told, Aquilani's preferable shooting range is similar to Xabi Alonso, but with more on targets
- I really hope he will have less injury prone while with us.
- Aurelio can take over the set-pieces business from now on.
- I don't know if we can count on Aquilani in any cases of Gerrard's absence though haha
- Always been and will always be a Xabi Alonso fan :)