Friday, November 28, 2008

what others said about Ben Arfa's pink boots

Nahh they're actually commenting about the new Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Berry boots. Franck Ribery and Arshavin wears it too. It just came out this month. I found it on youtube, and hell I actually love those boots! If I actually CAN play football, I'd dig those! :D

Well like Messi said, 'Give the opponents more than one reason to stare at your feet,'

Thursday, November 27, 2008

to the knock out stage!

Nothing much to say actually. I already knew that Liverpool was going to win this match haha. I just wish that they could've scored more, to get the top spot. We just short of one goal advantage. Atletico won even though they were supported by a 2-dimensional cheering fans hahaha.

It was a superb header by our Capitan Fantastico! If you see the replay, Gerrard asked for the ball and there, he had it and done the job well. All the players done a great job. Hm though I have to say, Mascherano was really not himself in the last two games. Bad tackles and sloppy passings. That was not our Monster Masch we knew! Come on Masch, get back!

I read some article that day which Torres said, "People live and breathe football here and, at Anfield, the roar they give makes you think you have wings on your feet."

And the commentator last night said, "Wow he's must've have some poet to have said something like that." HAHA it was actually sweet, really, to appreciate your fans like that.

I just read this article that Torres might suffer yet another hamstring injury. They're scanning it today and let's hope everything's okay. Though he did looked weird last night. Please not again, Nando :(

Sunday, November 23, 2008

zero zero :D

Frustrating, very very frustrating. Sorry I just NEED to express myself now! Anyway, my friends don't wanna hear me brag the fact that Fernando was the only guy who was actually playing. They went, alah you memang bias kat Torres je considering those gorgeous blonde hair he has tonight ;D

But really guyss, I'm giving the football facts now. Sloppy passings, not enough pace and alert, and I don't know, the chemistry just wasn't there. Keane especially, barely know where Torres is gonna make the run. And the midfields and defends always give random lob passes for Torres to work with, which always fall on the opponent's feet. Riera and Masch, well, it's probably not their day today. And Xabi should've made the starting line up, for screaming out loud!

Ergh kesian Torres struggle main sorang-sorang. Oh Gerrard balik laaa.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

viva Espana!

It's a long time since I blog about Spain. I didn't get to see England last night because I slept at 3am so it's kinda impossible for me to wake up again after 40 minutes haha. It's not that important anyway, since Gerrard didn't play, or Owen. But they won, and most importantly against Germany.

Now, I just watched Spain's match. Xabi Alonso and Riera made the starting line up. It was pleasant to know that Riera made it, because they always use Diego Capel to replace David Silva on the left wing. Capel is VERY good by the way. After Riera played for Liverpool just Del Bosque suddenly discovered him. Of course, he made an impact of 10 out of 10 in the first half. Producing a lot of dangerous crosses, and also produced the penalty for Spain. And I always loved the way Ramos play. He rules the entire right side of the field. Right back AND attacking right winger.

On the second half, all Liverpool players was brought in. So five out of eleven is Liverpool players :|

By the way, why is it everybody finds it hard to remember Arbeloa's name? Simple, Al-va-ro Ar-be-lo-a. The commentator introduced him as Alvaro 'Arbiola'. Haha okay, I don't get his name the first time anyway. But the commentator kinda messed up a few times, Xavi for Cazorla and Torres for Llorente. And he confused on who got the yellow card too. I hate the ref by the way. He's cold. And he give weird yellow cards, but he won't give Senna the yellow card despite the bad tackles. But yeah, Chile were harsh too.

Reina made a vital save on the 63rd minute, I think? He showed good performance overall. Riera as usual, quite on the second half. His stamina is not as good, that's why Liverpool always replace him with Babel in the second half :D Or maybe Spain started to use the right side to attack after the presence of Llorente. Talk about Llorente, his hair is so freakin cool. And his eyes is just so green. He could be a great model. Hohoho. Ohh, girl talk again. Moving on! Cazorla's goal was produced by a minor deflection from Carmona. I don't know who's he haha. After Xavi was replaced, Fernando took the armband. Ohh I hope he gets it for real after Casillas retire hahaha. Great goal from him by the way, so.. typical Torres.

In the end it was 3-0 to Spain. And Spain is once again proven to be best in the world, after continuously playing beautiful football. And they're unbeaten since the last 28 matches. Wow.

And Brazil-Portugal. 6-2. Any team with Cristiano Ronaldo in it won't get my support. HAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, November 17, 2008

happy Steven Gerrard week :|

So announces this week as Steven Gerrard week. Lets celebrate! I'm putting a giant poster of Steven Gerrard next to my giant poster of Fernando Torres! Hensem doeee Gerrard. Haha. I just read through my past blogs, and I realized that I haven't blog on our Carling Cup's match. Haha it didn't matter that much until I forgot. I don't know, the guys were really determined for a revenge. But it ended up as another defeat. But Chelsea were also defeated by who-the-hell-is-Burnley, at home I assume? HAHAHA. But the best part is what Drogba did, threw a coin and showed the finger to the Burnley fans. HAHAHA.

And I just heard the news that Stevie is ruled out from Germany friendly because of a tear in the adductor magnus muscle in his right leg. Whatever that is. Some said it was another Rafa's tricks to not let Gerrard play. I mean, what a blow. I was looking forward to that match. Lawan Schwensteiger tu woo sape taknak tengok! But I'd be caught asleep again anyway haha. But Capello insisted to make Stevie travel to Berlin, and prove that he is injured. Oh give it a break! Barry can do the job la!

The meter outside my house. I just realized this yesterday =_=

School holidays are boring. A win from Liverpool means celebrating alone now. All I can do is teasing my friends online. It's not fun at all! But it seems like my blog mates having fun with teh tarik sessions at night. Ey your wives tak lonely ke? :|

Sunday, November 16, 2008

i am the walrus, goo goo goo joob!

Once again, the title had nothing to do with the post. So it was 0-2 to Liverpool, when it should be 4 or 5! Too many golden chances were missed! Keane for example, wrong footing? Err lamest mistake I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I love Keane. But this thing happened too often. He always miss chances, and he's not good with first touches. And Gerrard should've stretched more when Torres slide a cross to him. Agger's header efforts are good too, but not good enough. Kuyt's second attempt hits the post (I hate it when the ball hits the post), Lucas header were obviously could've been better on the last minute.

Once again I was frustrated knowing Torres starts on the bench (or should I say, expensive leather seats sponsored by Reebok). It's been too long since he scored! I was looking forward to him breaking the 33 goal barrier. But Anelka seems to be the one who's likely to hit that record. I mean ohmygod, 13 goals already? And he scores everytime! Oh well, he is a former Red kan? Traitor! HAHHA.

Bolton created a lot of chances though, but their finishing was much much much, more terrible than us. Hahahaha. Or is it, our goalkeeper was too good? Hell of course! Though I think there's only easy catches to do haha pandai jela aku macam pernah jadi goalie. And Carra asyik naik jadi winger, lepas tu kena marah dengan Xabi. Ahahaha. Stevie only shines when Torres came in. Boyfriend dia dah masuk, suka la. But I ADORE Torres' assist. Lari lari bawak bola, buat ole sikit, berhenti pikir, tunggu Gerrard, chip bola. CLASSY.

Manu menang besar, Cristiano Ronaldo the Great did two beautiful free kicks. ...Seriously, they were awesome. Chelsea did same with us against West Brom, 3-0. And Arsenal kalah lagi :( Kenapa dengan team ayam tak boleh menang ha? Sedih betul! Kan Manure dah third. Ugh. Habis laaaa korang kena ejek balik dengan fan Red Devils. Hahaha donttt worry, I won't join them :)

Geez, look at that! Professional football blogger strikes again! WUU!~


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

we've got ourselves a new international captain!

Yes, our very own player who probably has the most fouls and yellow cards, Monster Masch. Don't get me wrong, he is an excellent player and I adore him. He's always up backing up his friends, but he's the one ended up with a card. But people seem to doubt the capability of Mascherano to lead the Argentine team. Well he's a great player and Maradona trusted him (now I'm not sure that I trust Maradona). But I trust in Mascherano! All faiths and hopes on him! Bukan macam semua fan lain cakap, 'Mascherano gigi je lebih'. Gigi lebih pun captain jugak. Oh yeahhh Monster Masch! Oh did I mention we share the same birthday? Hehe.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

embrace Keane for the brace!

Nothing to say :D But Arbeloa seems very happy for his goal. Well yeah I'm happy too seeing players who didn't score much, scores. Keane just proved that he worths the money.. well, almost. But anyway like Rafa said, 'Robbie told me he has got a monkey off his back, whatever that means'. Hahahaha classy, Rafa.

But Torres seemed so desperate for a goal, kan? In a good way, of course. Takpe, Khamis ni we'll show Tottenham who's boss! Pfft ingat boleh kalahkan Liverpool senang senang ye. And hahahaha did Manure lost again? Hahahahaha oh my god hahahaha. I'm always on Arsenal's side! You rock, Nasri!

*Fawwaz kalau baca, that's what you get when you boo Liverpool ok! Hahaha :D

By the way, is it just me or I'm becoming more un-professional on football blogging? I mean come on, I didn't talk about the match facts at all. Well, u guys know the match so what the heck :D

Atleti oh Atleti

Somehow I find this match very amusing. Out of all the clear penalties, the ref picked Gerrard's clear dive as a penalty. I'm sorry but Gerrard's dive is so fake, that Gerrard himself said that it wasn't a penalty. Hahahaha.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Spurs' so called comeback

Tak puas hati laaa! Liverpool's first defeat! Bottom thrashed top! I rushed studying my 'Quadratic Functions', so I can watch the match. I was annoyed by Harry 'Houdini' Redknapp though. He was so confident to beat us. And at the first 5 minutes, Liverpool already scored. They played okay through the first half, so I just went sleeping on the sofa. Ngantuk la pikir Add Maths.

Then I was awoke by the commentator's shout, 'And there you go.. bla bla bla.. TOTTENHAM 2 - LIVERPOOL 1'. I jumped out and the tv screen was right clear, TOTTENHAM 2 - LIVERPOOL 1. I don't know why I was still staring at the tv screen for 15 minutes after that. Unbelievable, defeated feeling. The plan was to continue study after that, but I swept away all the books, pull in my PS3 controller, played FIFA 09 and thrashed Tottenham 10-0.

And the day went through all gloomy and.. un-red. The unread messages could be like 10? I didn't even bother! I was so frustrated like I was having my heart broken. And don't blame me if I suck my Add Maths paper :p

Pergi sekolah tadi, semua guys macam 'Wooo kalah booo malu je dengan Spurs'. And guess what, they're from the beaten clubs. Chelshite and Manure. So, who bother haha. Kalah jugok dgn Liverpool. HAIH Torres I miss you lah. Thrash Atletico Madrid JOMMM!

Anyways and anyhows, WALK ON.

Pompey first lah

Sorry been quite some time since me blogging. There's internet problems at my home. I didn't watched the first delay of the match on Astro but I did when I got back from school the next day. Oh Liverpool played well. People may think we're lucky enough to get a penalty. But I think we really deserved it. Liverpool played really well and Pompey's defence main kasar la wei. And we have no true striker. Attacking was good, but the finishing wasn't there. Think we're missing someone? Yep, Fernando Torres.