Friday, August 29, 2008

Sub-standard Reds

I read the NST today and on the front of the back page was, 'Sub-standard Reds; How Much Luckier Can Liverpool Get?'

  • LATE and lucky against Sunderland -- Torres scoring in the 83rd minute for the 1-0 win
  • LATER and luckier against Middlesbrough -- saved by an own goal (86th minute) and Gerrard (94th) for the 2-1 win
  • EVEN much later and more lucky against Standard Liege -- Kuyt putting them through with a goal in the 118th minute

No matter how much this broke my heart, I gotta admit. This is too true to be true. Liverpool DID get lucky all the way this season. I don't know why they were playing so crappy recently. I hope they really struggled now. Even Reina said, 'yes, we're happy for the result, not for how we played,'. Rafa must have some Rafalution now. For Gerrard been ruled out from matches for two weeks long, perhaps we've been used up all our luck then. Hold your heads up high and WALK ON! More specifically, MOVE ON.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Liverpool FC : heroes epic?

Just a few minutes ago, Liverpool went through the Champions League. As expected, it was a nail-biting, nerve-wrecking and anxiety-causing match. Haha okay I probably exaggerated it a little. But honestly, it kinda was. In case you didn't know, Standard Liege is not close to be called the 'underdogs'. They are actually, the Belgian champions, the club with the best history in Belgium. And Liverpool had to face them in the 3rd round of Champions League.

The first and the second half is attacking and defending from both sides. So if both teams are attacking well and defending well, there is surely nothing to choose between the two. And both goalkeepers are predators! Both always got their hands on the ball. Well Liege is not really defending though, they done a lot of man markings. And I think Torres have two of them! That's why he couldn't always gets a touch to the ball. Liege was playing quite deep. And there's two strikers waiting on the upper side. They get the ball everytime Liverpool makes any mistakes. Other than that, they do man markings and gets the ball from any Reds player's pass. They knew Liverpool's midfields are impossible to get through. And that's when they would counter attacking.

And then it was nil-nil and we're going through extra time. Liverpool was the better side this time. They're progressing very good and made some gasps along the way. By this time, I know we deserved to win it, and just have to win it. And then it was the 28th minute, and I was so sure we're going through the penalty shoot out. But it's not. There was a free kick for Liverpool and Babel took it. He crossed the ball across the goal, and Liege's goalkeeper didn't even notice the presence of Kuyt, until he deflected the ball using his feet, and nets the ball into the goal.

And it is, the flying Dutchmen, the heroes of the day. What is it with Liverpool always waiting for a hero to score the last gasp winner? First it was Torres for Sunderland, Stevie for Middlesbrough and now, Kuyt for Liege. I guess we got lucky then.

However! Liverpool-Liege game was more than entertaining. It was a good match between both sides and we hope the managers don't have any misunderstandings because it seems they were arguing at one time. Haha.

And BREAKING news! Our captain Gerrard won't be playing for 2 weeks due to a groin operation. I read somewhere, that Rafa and Stevie already knew about the injury before the match and they talked to the doctor. The doctor insisted for an operation immediately. But Gerrard insisted to play in pain, at least for a game, this game.

Okay, I have no more time. School's waiting. Goodbyebyebye!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Liverpool's dramatic win at Anfield

I miss crapping about football in my blog again. As you knowww, last night win is so dramatic that the Kop can crush and cause the Hillsborough accident to happen at Anfield instead haha jahatnye aku. RIP, the 96 brothers. Cey sempat lagi. Anyway, I didn't watch the first half. My sister ajak pergi Giant. Haha.

But what I heard, both teams played good and Boro gave a hard time for Liverpool. Yeaaaa expected. Liverpool main macam taik je lately. Mascherano laaa. Cepat balik! Congratulations anyway, for being the 'first Argentinean footballer to win two gold Olympic medals'. :D I watched Rafa's pre match press conference (cey fanatic la ni?), and he said Stevie is having fatigue, as in tireness :| So he is not a hundred percent fit for the game.

The second half, Liverpool starting being the weaker side. Boro attacked more and Liverpool's defence only coping on Carra. Skrtel, Arbeloa, Dossena semua hilang. Heshh. Ohh there's one time, where the ball is in front of the goal and Torres is tyring to kick the ball, but there's this player I forgot his name (Huth, I think), he went to head the ball away but Torres' powerful foot kicked his neck instead. Hahaha sakit, I know. Tapi siape suruh pegi hulur kepale kat kaki Torres. Kalau aku dah mati dah aku rase haha. Torres boleh pulak sengih sengih je. Jahat gila haha. Dah la rambut tak lawa semalam.

Oho lepas tu, Nabil El Zhar nak masuk kan, die bace doa. Haha. Berbunyi macam ni, 'Ya Allah, kau berkatilah match kami, akhiri lah match ini dengan kemenangan di pihak ku. Aku berjanji aku tidak akan minum Carlsberg. Amin.' Hahaha pepandai je aku.

And it was 20 minutes from time and it's still zero zero. Until Mido's wonder strike netted the ball passed Reina. Haish dah bengang dah mase tu. In the last 5 minutes, Carra powerful shot to the goal deflected by Emanuel Potagetz, makes it 1-1. But first game at Anfield for the season is not gonna be a plain lucky draw, in the last minute of extra time, Liverpool's local hero, Steven Gerrard attempted a superb curler which sent the home supports into ecstacy ;D

And there's a dramatic win for the Liverpool fans. Leaves Gareth Southgate to have a major frustration haha kesian. But Boro did deserve a win but football IS about the results. However though, Rafa knows they shouldn't be proud of some average performance. Do something! Leige match is coming and if they don't win this one.. they should :|

That's all lah.
Oh I just heard about the final Piala Malaysia and Kedah won. Dramatik jugak dengarnye. Haha. Congratulations.