Thursday, June 26, 2008

Euro 2008; Road To Final

The match between Spain vs Russia just over and Spain to the final! I want to give a big fat hand clap to all Spain players for playing good football! Except for Torres, main macam tahi je tadi. Haha.

The first blog I wrote about my predictions is definitely wrong! Portugal taik je kalah dgn Germany, Greece tak terer langsung, Netherlands did beat Italy and France, and Spain is better than I thought! So it's Germany vs Spain. Personally, I don't care who'd win. Both is in my top 2. And it's them who's in the final. I know, wicked :D

That's all I'm gonna say. Huweeee! A por ellos, Spain! And ein veil, Deutschland!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

why I chose Fernando Torres over Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some people ask me why I chose Fernando Torres over Cristiano Ronaldo..

Some people just don't get it. About more than 50% of my circle of friends is a hugeee fanatic of Cristiano Ronaldo. And they teases how Fernando Torres is no better than Ronaldo. Well people! You might just truly understand after you read this!

First of all, I know Cristiano Ronaldo is THE best player in the world. There is no one who can beat him. He's good in technique, pace, controls, passes, finishing, movement, tactics, and unbeatable strikes. But you see, being a good player is just not enough to be the admirable idol to people.

There's just too much annoying information about Ronaldo. First, he's bloody cocky! I know he's good and all but, dude it's just annoying to hear. Even if you're my boyfriend! Ugh. And he's really disrespectful to people. Like the defenders. He tricks people which may seem disturbing. I mean, it's a football match, not a competition to people who balanced the ball the longest! -_-
He's disrespectful to his own manager, told him to stay off the training ground and refused to return his calls. None of my business but, his manager is the one who makes things happen.

Overall Ronaldo in shorter statements, a cocky and disrespectful person, doesn't appreciate people, a party goer, a playboy who have a girlfriend who is a Playboy model, gila duit, a crybaby, lembab cakap English pon tak tau entah berape tahun duduk England tahu, boring hairstyle - he has an ugly hair that's why he has to use a lot of gel for the hair, a diver, total diver.

One thing that I like about him is just the fact that he's a joker, and a pranker.

BUT Fernando Torres! He's a good striker who shows a lot of determination and willingness to give his all to the club and the supporters, he's very clever on tactics and pace controls, and he is not greedy to score all the goals. I mean, look at Spain vs Russia. He could have scored the goal as he is in front of the goal, but he gave it to Villa because.. well, you know how the match goes.

But other than a good player, he is a charming person who has this attractive personalities all girls would be dreaaaaming of! He's very hot, muscles and abs, sexy, has the most gorgeous eyes, stylish hairstyles which always changing but looks hot in every each of it, tall..

Haha okay I better stop with the physical characteristics now or I'd be drooling :D

Other than that, he's loyal - he's been hooked up with his childhood friend for about 8 years now, and now they're engaged!, kind hearted, funny and a good friend - according to his friends, is sweet in the way of treating his friends, he never yells at the referee or other players - shows respect!, intelligent - he already speaks English fluently in his first year at Anfield, looking at the fact that he doesn't understand English at all the first time!, he plays guitar for god's sake, and he doesn't fond that much on money. He doesn't even know the exact price Liverpool paid him. He said it was 20 million pound when actually it is 27.5 million pound :|

So it is too much about Fernando that I adore soooooo much :D
I know the fact that nobody is perfect, but trust me on this one, he is one exception.

In the end I know, Cristiano Ronaldo is a better player, but Fernando Torres is a better person. Take it on every aspects.

Cheers ;)